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(908) 347-7235

, Fanwood, New Jersey   07023-1000 , USA

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General Info:

home page of vks associates, llc. pioneers in tactical management for efficient implementation of projects, processes and operations, and for controlling parkinson's law.

Products & Services:

  • Parkinson's Law
  • Tactics
  • Tactical
  • Management Tactics
  • Tactical Management
  • Implementation
  • Efficiency
  • Process Efficiency
  • Implementation Efficiency
  • Metric
  • Implementation Efficiency Management
  • Task Efficiency
  • Process Implementation
  • Tactical Project Management

Web Site Results

can assess situations and use pre-determined processes to fit these situations? Management playbooks, or tactical frameworks as I call them, form the basis of a new style... to changing situations. For more information about Situation Based Management, please contact me at prakash AT vksassociates.com. Tactical Time Management - Do More in Less Time Resource... Optimization Tactics - Do More with Fewer Resources Situation Based Management - Tactical Frameworks to optimize situations Tactical Problem Solving - Problem solving under suboptimal conditions ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 908-347-7235
Fanwood, New Jersey   07023-1000 , USA
Url: http://www.vksassociates.com/
Fax: 908-833-0394
Year Established: 2002
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