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978-283-9000 x1218

125 Gloucester Avenue,, Gloucester, Massachusetts   01930-2294 , USA

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General Info:

bomco is a leading manufacturer of precision formed metal components for military and commercial applications. the company has extensive metal processing equipment including laser cutting and welding, precision plasma cutting, hydroforming, computer-controlled spinning, deep drawing press work, cnc machining, expanding, shearing, welding, custom tool design and tool making. bomco also makes sheaves, guide rolls and spool caps for wire processing and quartz-to-metal seal assemblies for electro-optical products.

Products & Services:

  • Metal Forming
  • Metal Formed Products
  • Spinning
  • Hydroforming
  • Deep Drawing
  • Jet Engine Parts
  • Vacuum Pump Parts
  • Valve Parts
  • Seal Parts
  • Filter Parts
  • Sheaves
  • Guide Rolls
  • Spool Caps
  • Wire Handling Accessories
  • Ultra High Vacuum Windows
  • Glass-to-metal Seal Assemblies
  • Quartz-to-metal Seals
  • Electro-optical Products

Web Site Results

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: Diameter 36 in.(914mm), Height 22 in.(559 mm)Thickness: .125 in. (3.2 mm)Material: 6061-T6 with forged flangeManufacturing Process: manual and CNC spinning, machining and finishing...)Material: AMS 5512Manufacturing Process: Hydroforming, spinning, machining, welding.^ Back to Land & Marine Componenets Bomco, Inc. 125 Gloucester Ave., Gloucester, MA 01930Phone...
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.), Height 2.7 in.(68.6mm)Thickness: .125 in. (3.2mm)Material: AMS 5540Manufacturing Process: Welding, spinning and machining (click to enlarge)Seal for Land and Marine TurbineSeal... Process: Welding, CNC spinning, hydraulic press work, heat treatment, machining and coating ^ Back to Land & Marine Componenets Bomco, Inc. 125 Gloucester Ave., Gloucester, MA...
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: Diameter 48 in. (1219 mm), Height 6 in. (152 mm)Thickness: .125 in. (3.2 mm)Material: AMS 5510Manufacturing Process: Welding, spinning and laser machining ^ Back to Land & Marine...
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in. (1.5mm)Material: AMS 5544Manufacturing Process: Hydroforming, spinning, laser machining, seam welding, riveting.^ Back to Aerospace Componenets Bomco, Inc. 125 Gloucester Ave...
Non-Conventional Machining
Draws to 750 tons Spinning Manual Spinning to 120" CNC Spinning to 60" Machining CNC Turning to 50" diameters CNC Milling with 4- and 5- axis work centers 6 axis CO2 Laser machining...

Company Profile:

Contact: 978-283-9000 x1218
Address: 125 Gloucester Avenue,
Gloucester, Massachusetts   01930-2294 , USA
Url: http://www.bomco.com
Fax: 978-283-2882
Year Established: 1960
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