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Newport, New Hampshire   03773 , USA

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General Info:

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Products & Services:

  • Heating Elements
  • Heaters
  • Advanced Heaters
  • Tubular Elements
  • Ptc Heaters
  • Ptc Elements
  • Self-regulating Heaters
  • Resistance Wire
  • Zig-zag Heaters
  • Nichrome
  • Kanthal
  • Foil Pad Heaters
  • Shelf Heaters
  • Thermal Solutions

Web Site Results

PTC heater in aluminum cup for vaporizer
an extreme positive temperature coefficient over a very narrow range of temperatures. The result of this extreme PTC attribute is a heating element which self-regulates at a preset...Eichenauer Advanced Heaters //Positive Temperature Coefficient Heaters Site Map Contact News Conditions of Purchase deutsch english You are here:Products PTC Industrial PTC PTC... temperature and varies its wattage automatically in order to maintain that preset temperature. The patented Eichenauer PTC heater has many unique characteristics that allow our...
when space does not allow standard elements and control devices Fast heat up Self regulating Reliable, consistent control Long Life No over-temperature protection devices required... Considerations Application Examples Zig Zag Tubular Custom PTC|Application Examples Typical Applications & Advantages of a PTC Heater Appliance, medical, military, industrial...
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