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, Gardnerville, Nevada   89460 , USA

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General Info:

rv evaporative air (swamp) coolers and replacement parts for turbokool and recair. can be used on rvs, campers, motorhomes, fifth-wheels, boats, toy haulers, caravans, farm equipment, horse, dog and animal control trailers, construction equipment, and just about any vehicle or trailer imaginable.

Products & Services:

  • Turbokool
  • Turbocool
  • Recair
  • Recair Replacement Parts
  • Turbokool Replacement Parts
  • Swamp Cooler
  • Rv Swamp Cooler
  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Recreational Vehicle Cooling
  • Rv Parts
  • Rv Water Cooling
  • Rv Evaporative Cooler
  • Evaporative Cooler Parts
  • Swamp Cooler Parts
  • Rv Air Conditioner
  • 12-volt Cooler
  • 12-volt Swamp Cooler
  • Solar Powered Swamp Cooler
  • Vehicle Cooler
  • Camper Cooling
  • Recreational Vehicle Swamp Cooler
  • All Vehicle Cooling

Web Site Results

Stay Cool with TurboKOOL - Advanced RV Evaporative Coolers BachmanEnterprisesInc. Ben & Barbara Bachman, Owners, TurboKool Upon returning home, we put on our detective hats... showroom today or you can order it right here on our website. Not having a background in manufacturing evaporative coolers, we believe in this product and we've had great fun putting... and were able to locate and purchase the only thing left of the original RECAIR company, the molds, which were the critical parts if we were to continue the technology. We settled...
Stay Cool with TurboKOOL - Advanced RV Evaporative Coolers BachmanEnterprisesInc. Part #2B-8001R$12.10 + $8.40 S/HTotal: $20.50Plus NV Sales Tax, if applicable. 3-gal. Water Tank.... Purchase the TurboKOOL Evaporative Air Cooler (RV Swamp Cooler) Mfg. Direct Price: $668.00 + $44.00 s/h Total: $712.00 AVAILABILITY: Usually ships within 5 business days. ... (Self-pump to pressurize)Part #2B-1005R$50.82 + $13.65 S/HTotal: $64.47Plus NV Sales Tax, if applicable. 15-Gal. Water Tank w/12-Volt Pump34" long, 16" wide, 14" tall, 60psiPart...
from this web site. Replacement parts are also now available to fit the original RECAIR cooler. How It Works Spin Spray Technology The cooling is caused by evaporation. The warm...Stay Cool with TurboKOOL - Advanced RV Evaporative Coolers BachmanEnterprisesInc. solar or 12-volt evaporative cooling system of its type for recreational vehicles. (See... and FILTERING efficiency. The bearings and motor are never exposed to moist air, and the TurboKOOL unit is maintenance FREE, with only one moving part. The built-in, easy-to-clean reservoir...
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