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, Amarillo, Texas   79109 , USA

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General Info:

affordable signs, banners, magnetic, corplast in amarillo texas

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  • Signs
  • Sign
  • Banner
  • Banners
  • Mdo
  • Metal
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Magnet
  • Corplast
  • Real Estate
  • Ready To Apply
  • Vinyl
  • Sign Maker
  • Amarillo
  • Amarillo Texas
  • Amarillo Tx
  • Custom Signs
  • Custom Banners
  • Custom Banner
  • Vehicle
  • Car
  • Truck
  • Graphics

Web Site Results

Mounting Magnetics [Home] [MagneticCare] [MountingMagnets] Mounting magnetic signs Before you apply the sign, make sure the application surface is completely clean. Magnetic signs... will only adhere to steel parts. Magnetics will not adhere to fiberglass or "bondo" repaired body parts. Using soapy water to wash the surface is recommended, then completely... drying with a clean towel. Now, do the same to the back (application surface) of the magnetic sign. To apply the sign, start by putting one edge down, along a level reference point...
Magnetic Material [Home] [BannerMaterial] [TypesofPaint] [TypesofVinyl] [MagneticMaterial] Magnetic Material FlexMag is a 30 mil, bright white, magnetic vinyl film that adheres...
Magnetic Care [Home] [MagneticCare] [MountingMagnets] Care and maintenance Once the sign is applied, we recommend removing it weekly to dry the moisture and clean the grit... that will accumulate. Failure to keep the sign and surface beneath it clean may result in paint degradation and sign failure When storing your magnetic sign, do so with it laying flat... with vinyl text and graphics facing up. For short periods of time it may be rolled with the vinyl facing out. If the magnetic sheet develops a 'memory'- stays rolled up- lay it flat...
Materials [Home] [Magnetics] [Banners] [Coroplast] [RealEstate] [MetalPanel] [ReadytoApply] [WindowLettering] [Vehicles] [HarleyDavidson] [Materials] [ContactInfo] [SiteMap... gauge Magnetic Vinyl Lettering and graphics can be applied to magnetic materials that provide removable signage for vehicles. Magnetics must not go over molding and should...
ContactInfo [Home] [Magnetics] [Banners] [Coroplast] [RealEstate] [MetalPanel] [ReadytoApply] [WindowLettering] [Vehicles] [HarleyDavidson] [Materials] [ContactInfo] [SiteMap...
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