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Auburn, Massachusetts   01501 , USA

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General Info:

oggie grips line of new and innovative hockey stick grips are used as a replacement instead of taping those new big buck hollow core composite hockey sticks. they are installed by inserting the grips into hollow core composite and aluminum hockey sticks in a similar fashion as installing a replacement hockey stick blade. the two styles currently offered are oggie grip ergo which is an ergonomic grip designed to perfectly fit the palm of a players hand and has an exclusive patented grip-flex system built into the inner structural core of the grip. the second grip, the oggie grip classic, has the look of a taped grip but with a new style and comfort that is addictive once a player starts to use it. the grips are sold in an assortment of colors and are designed to fit junior, intermediate, and adult hockey sticks used for ice, in-line (roller), or street hockey. the grips can also be used as an extension to prolong the life of a short or broken composite or aluminum hockey stick.

Products & Services:

  • Hockey Tape
  • Hockey Stick Tape
  • Hockey Stick Grip
  • Hockey Stick Grips
  • Hockey Grip
  • Hockey Grips
  • Stick Grip
  • Stick Grips
  • Stick Tape
  • Easton Grip
  • Composite Hockey Stick
  • Composite Hockey Sticks
  • One-piece Hockey Stick
  • One-piece Hockey Sticks
  • One Piece Hockey Stick
  • One Piece Hockey Sticks
  • Ergonomic Hockey Stick Grip
  • Insert Hockey Stick Grips
  • Grip Foam
  • Lacrosse Tape
  • Lacrosse Grip
  • Lacrosse Grips
  • Easton Synergy
  • Ccm Vector
  • Bauer Vapor
  • Bauer Tri-flex
  • Mission M-1
  • Mission L-2
  • Tour Inferno
  • Tps Response

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Oggie Grip - Hockey Stick Grips - Get a Grip! HOME PRODUCTS WHERE TO BUY TESTIMONIALS CONTACT INFO Corporate Profile News Video FAQ Distributors News and Events Oggie Introduces... Revolutionary New High-Tech Hockey Stick Grip Boston MA - March 23, 2005 Unique Grip Offers Hockey Players a Better Alternative to Taping the Butt-Ends of Their Sticks Oggie proudly... announces the Oggie Ergo Grip, their innovative, hi-tech grip for composite hockey sticks. The Ergo Grip is designed with a unique Exclusive Patented Grip-Flex System built...
Matt Wright
Ergo Hockey Stick Grip (curved) stick brand: Easton where heard about: USA hockey magazine feedback: This grip is awesome!!! I spread the word to all my teamates and they've become... Feedback Form feedback type: comment product: Oggie Ergo Hockey Stick Grip (curved) stick brand: Easton where heard about: Pure Hockey Warehouse Sale feedback: Just purchased my... of the box and offering this innovative product. From our Feedback Form product: Oggie Ergo Hockey Stick Grip (curved) stick brand: Easton where heard about: USA Hockey Magazine feedback...
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