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Auburn, Massachusetts   01501 , USA

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General Info:

oggie grips line of new and innovative hockey stick grips are used as a replacement instead of taping those new big buck hollow core composite hockey sticks. they are installed by inserting the grips into hollow core composite and aluminum hockey sticks in a similar fashion as installing a replacement hockey stick blade. the two styles currently offered are oggie grip ergo which is an ergonomic grip designed to perfectly fit the palm of a players hand and has an exclusive patented grip-flex system built into the inner structural core of the grip. the second grip, the oggie grip classic, has the look of a taped grip but with a new style and comfort that is addictive once a player starts to use it. the grips are sold in an assortment of colors and are designed to fit junior, intermediate, and adult hockey sticks used for ice, in-line (roller), or street hockey. the grips can also be used as an extension to prolong the life of a short or broken composite or aluminum hockey stick.

Products & Services:

  • Hockey Tape
  • Hockey Stick Tape
  • Hockey Stick Grip
  • Hockey Stick Grips
  • Hockey Grip
  • Hockey Grips
  • Stick Grip
  • Stick Grips
  • Stick Tape
  • Easton Grip
  • Composite Hockey Stick
  • Composite Hockey Sticks
  • One-piece Hockey Stick
  • One-piece Hockey Sticks
  • One Piece Hockey Stick
  • One Piece Hockey Sticks
  • Ergonomic Hockey Stick Grip
  • Insert Hockey Stick Grips
  • Grip Foam
  • Lacrosse Tape
  • Lacrosse Grip
  • Lacrosse Grips
  • Easton Synergy
  • Ccm Vector
  • Bauer Vapor
  • Bauer Tri-flex
  • Mission M-1
  • Mission L-2
  • Tour Inferno
  • Tps Response

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be achieved with tape alone (tape not included) Use on hockey, lacrosse, field hockey sticks and just about anywhere you can think of to create a custom grip Great on GOALIE STICKS too...Sticky Grip Foam HOME PRODUCTS WHERE TO BUY TESTIMONIALS CONTACT INFO Corporate Profile News Video FAQ Distributors Sticky Grip Foam - Hockey Stick Foam Grip What is Sticky Grip... Foam? Anyone that has used it will tell you that Sticky Grip Foam is truly awesome! If you are the type of player that likes to twist your tape around into a piping to create your...
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