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, Mount Airy, North Carolina   27030 , USA

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General Info:

johnson granite north carolina's leader in custom granite countertops. we sell for less

Products & Services:

  • Marble Countertops
  • Marble Counter Tops
  • Granite Vanity
  • Granite Vanity Granite Countertops
  • Granite Counter Tops
  • Kitchen Counter Tops
  • Granite Countertop
  • Granite Counters
  • Granite Counter Top
  • Granite Kitchen
  • Kitchen Remodeling

Web Site Results

Granite Countertops at Johnson Granite: Granite, Granite Counter... Kitchen Bath Fireplace Signs Custom Creations Home l Sitemap l Why Buy From Us? l Products and Uses l Design...
Granite Countertops at Johnson Granite: Granite, Granite Counter... A Better Alternative to Traditional Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Love your home but want to change the look... of your kitchen or bath? Natural stone products from Johnson Granite are just what you need! Beautiful and elegant; they are also highly functional and second-to-none in durability... not spruce up your home with natural stone products from Johnson Granite. Working with our in-house design staff and custom craftsmen guarantees that your project will be quick, clean...
Granite Countertops at Johnson Granite: Granite, Granite Counter... ............... Visit our new Video Library for great information on a variety of subjects from "Care... and Cleaning of Your Natural Stone" to "The Truth About Granite" and much more. We will be adding video information on a regular basis so please check back often for the most up to date... video feeds from Johnson Granite. ______________________________________________________________ Few things rival the simple elegance, natural beauty, and durability that granite...
of the Johnson Granite professionals. We offer a 3/8 Steel Brace for countertop support. 14. Will my kitchen have a seam? Typically most kitchen applications and some bath applications...Granite Countertops at Johnson Granite:Frequently Asked Questions About Granite 1. Which is better, Natural Stone or Quartz? Here at JGI we feel that both are premium products... for countertops and other applications. Natural stone has the uniqueness and natural beauty that man cannot duplicate. Quartz on the other hand has the consistency that granite does...
Video Library Video Library To access our video library view any link below. Please check back often as we update our library with new and informative videos. Truth About Granite...: From the Quarry to the Kitchen: Care and Cleaning Information Real Stone Real Value Home l Sitemap l Why Buy From Us? l Products and Uses l Design Gallery Edge Profiles l The Alternative to Remodeling l Frequently Asked Question l Directions l Contact ...
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