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, Sherwood, Oregon   97140 , USA

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serving your chemical needs

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About Northstar * Get the Northstar Advantage * Northstar Chemical has dedicated itself to providing corrosive chemical deliveries in the safest manner with the highest level... situation that occurs during the deliveries. Northstar is a distributor of a core product line of acids, alkali bases, and blended cleaners. Distribution of these products is done..., and weekend service. Northstar backs its deliveries with qualified personnel who will assist the customer with technical questions and emergency response. The office number...
Northstar www.northstarchemical.com S a f e t y S e r v i c e S t a b i l i t y N o r t h s t a r C h e m i c a l , I n c. ...
Northstar NorthstarChemical,Inc. 14200 S.W. Tualatin-Sherwood Road Sherwood, Oregon 97140-9624 P h o n e : ( 5 0 3 ) 6 2 5 - 3 7 7 0 To l l F r e e : ( 8 8 8 ) 7 9 3 - 9 4 7 6 F... a x : ( 5 0 3 ) 6 2 5 - 1 4 7 8 Office Hours: 7:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday After Hours Delivery Call: ( 503 ) 504 - 8301 For inquiries or questionse-mail us at: northstar@northstarchemical.com =) ...
mounted product tanks and up to four different products may be delivered from one trailer. Northstar has dual compartment trailers and tankers capable of making less than... truckload deliveries as well. Northstar Eliminates: The use of drums and tote bins. Corrosive material handling. Rinsing drum and drum disposal hazards. Chemical residue problems and heel... loss. Drum deposit cost and rinse charge. Northstar Provides: Properly sized custom tank. Spill control containment. Necessary valves, fittings, and level indication system. 24 hours lead time delivery. Improved inventory control. Complete tank maintenance program. ...
, specs Specialty Products Acid Blends Foam Cleaner C.I.P - Approved Cleaner Sanitizers Chelated Caustics Northstar provides contract blending and delivery services. ...
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