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, Eugene, Oregon   97402 , USA

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shea republic, shea butter, shea butter, shea butter lotion, unrefined shea butter.

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  • Shea
  • Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Pure Shea Butter African Shea Butter Shea Lotion

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Shea Butter Lotion Pure Shea Butter Lotions Pure Butters Shea... SHEA REPUBLIC shea butter is an organic unrefined shea butter derived from Ghana Africa, home to some... of the world's most beneficial shea butters on the market. Our shea butter is processed in small batches with state-of-the-art equipment to insure freshness and quality; moreover, our shea... butter is lab tested and certified to be grade A. Shea butter is doctor recommended for treating many types of skin ailments and conditions such as dry, cracked skin, abrasions...
05shearepulic/index.html Unrefined quality makes the grade What makes our shea butter better? Attention to processing and its natural unrefined quality. Not all shea butters... are created equal. Variations in processing affect both the quality and potency of shea butter. Knowing this in 2001 we set out to produce the worlds most beneficial shea butter. After... much research and trial-and-error, we have come up with a shea butter that is pure and grade A in quality. To make sure that our results were non-biased, we had our shea butter...
05shearepulic/index.html Frequently asked questions? General shea butter questions ... How does shea butter prevent stretch marks and why it is safe to use during your pregnancy...? Shea butter is an excellent skin conditioner for preventing stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles. Shea butter contains vitamin F, which is an essential fatty acid vital... for healthy skin. Vitamin F aids in hormone regulation and cell immune function, two important factors in the life cycle of skin cells. Shea butter also keeps skin moisturized and supple...
SheaRepublic.com Shea Republic shea butter shea butter unrefined shea butter All-natural and organic products Mother Nature fixing Father Time Starting at about age 20... can be improved and even reversed naturally without costly surgery and harsh chemicals simply by using Shea Republic shea butter. Derived from the fruit kernels of the Shea tree..., found only in Africa, our brand of shea butter is an all-natural, wild organic product that helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin production to reduce the visible signs...
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