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, High Point, North Carolina   27262 , USA

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General Info:

we specialize in church decorating, restoration, remodeling and renovations including pulpits, pew upholstery and refinishing, church carpet, chairs and other types of furniture. we can also assist with courtroom benches.

Products & Services:

  • Pew Upholstering
  • Pew Upholstery
  • Pews
  • Church Furniture
  • Pew Cushions
  • Pew Refinishing
  • Pew Restoration
  • Church Renovation
  • Church Renovations
  • Church Remodeling
  • Church Restoration
  • Sanctuary Renovation
  • Sanctuary Remodeling
  • Sanctuary Renovations
  • Church Carpet
  • Church Decorating
  • Church Furniture Upholstering
  • Pew Pads
  • Pew Refurbishing
  • Church Chairs
  • Courtroom Benches
  • Theater Seating
  • Church Pews
  • Pulpits

Web Site Results

Stained Glass Restoration
) EmergencyServices Stained Glass Restoration Our Superior Craftsmen can repair and restore your existing windows during your church restoration. Providing your Historical Stained Glass..., total restoration and weather protection of both the art and its surrounding framework. And we fully understand that the needs and sensitivities of each church congregation may differ.... Then, if your board or committee decides in favor of restoration, Church Interiors will be pleased to provide a detailed quote and restoration timetable, including a description...
of completed projects to see how your construction, church decorating, remodeling, restoration or renovation project can benefit from the expertise offered by our company. Beautify.... Established in 1981, Church Interiors is the nation's leading church remodeling, restoration and renovations specialist. Our services include church decorating, remodeling and renovations..., such as church furniture upholstering, carpet, chairs, pews, theatre seating, multimedia, pulpits, as well as pew cushions / pew upholstery refinishing and restoration. We have many...
Painting & Plaster Repair
Painting & Plaster Repair for Church Renovations & Restoration... Home Project Gallery Videos Online Store Customer Listing Testimonials News/Blog Links About Us Contact Us 1-800... repair & prep work will take twice as long as painting. If painting takes 2 weeks, plaster repair and prep work will take up 4 weeks of your church renovations or restoration... your church properly to ensure the best renovation or restoration results. Before After 2013. All rights reserved. Church Interiors Inc. 800 Eastchester Dr. High Point, NC 27262 1-800-289-7397 info@churchinteriors.com ...
Church Floor Refinishing
interruption of church services during restoration Professional pew removal and reinstallation Meets ADA codes for slip resistance 1/2 the cost for new hardwood flooring Hardwood Floor... RefinishingOur Floor Refinishing crews can refinish your existing floors quickly with exceptional results to add sparkle to any church restoration project. Our commercial grade... is also non-toxic and dries rapidly with little to no odor. Restoration work can be accomplished between Sundays without interruption to church services. Floors are sanded...
Interior Design / Liturgical Design - Before
and color coordinated carpet Historical restorations Contemporary renovations 3D renderings & designer boards Our Interior Designers and Liturgical Designers work with churches... Furnishings Children's Church Choir Chairs Church Carpet Church Chairs Church Lighting Floor Refinishing Furniture Refinishing Interior Design Multi-Use Facilities Painting & Plaster... Repair Pews Pew Cushions Pew Replication Pew Upholstery Renovations Stained Glass Stained Glass Restoration Steeples & Baptisteries Theatre Seats 2012 Catalog (6 MB PDF...
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