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, Elmwood Park, Illinois   60707 , USA

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General Info:

gold leaf lettering has been a chicago tradition since the 1850s. masters of gold leaf sign designers and sign makers, robert frese and bruce buckley are the chicagold sign company artisans. chicagold is the only sign company in chicago that specializes in historic gold leaf lettering.

Products & Services:

  • Chicago Sign Company
  • Chicagold Sign Company
  • Chicago Gold Sign Company
  • Gold Leaf Sign
  • Gold Leaf
  • Gold Leaf Signs
  • Gold Leaf Signage
  • Painted & Gilded Signs
  • Reverse Glass Signs
  • Transoms
  • Window & Door Lettering
  • Historic Sign Lettering
  • Sign Design
  • Roberte Frese
  • Bruce Buckley
  • Chicagoland Sign Company

Web Site Results

Chicagold Sign Company: Specializing in Gold Leaf Signage Robert Frese 2252 N. 76th Ave. Elmwood Park, IL 60707 info@chicagoldsigns.com Ph. 708-453-2733 Fax 708-453-2833 Cell 708...
Chicagold Sign Company: Specializing in Gold Leaf Signage Robert Frese began the study of traditional signmaking in his hometown of Long Beach, California. He was an apprentice... for six years at Hardy Sign Co., beginning in 1976. During that time he learned sign painting and fabrication. After his apprenticeship, Robert spent the next two years working... for Creative Signs in Orange County, California, that specialized in real estate development signage. Attracted to the artistry of the past and the beautiful gold leaf signage, Robert...
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