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Website Snapshot of CS UNITEC, INC.


(203) 853-9522

22 Harbor Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut   06850-4210 , USA

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General Info:

portable magnetic drills, concrete core drills, air chain saws, saw blades, concrete saws, pipe saws, air hack saws, portable band saws, bandsaws, air reciprocating saws and other industrial power tools

Products & Services:

  • Power Tools
  • Portable Magnetic Drills
  • Concrete Core Drills
  • Concrete Core Drills
  • Saw Blades
  • Air Concrete Saws
  • Air Chain Saws
  • Air Concrete Saws
  • Air Chain Saws
  • Pneumatic Chain Saws
  • Air Hack Saws
  • Portable Band Saws
  • Bandsaws
  • Air Reciprocating Saws
  • Air Jig Saws
  • Pipe Saws
  • Pneumatic Saws
  • Air Asphalt Saws
  • Diamond Saws
  • Nut Runners
  • Air Torque Wrench
  • Concrete Grinders
  • Dust Extraction Power Tools
  • Dust Free Power Tools
  • Pneumatic Nibblers
  • Air Corner Drills
  • Diamond Core Bits
  • Annular Cutters
  • Bridge Reamers
  • Spitznas
  • Maschinenfabrik Gmbh
  • Air Sawzall
  • Electric Sawzall
  • Pneumatic Sawzall
  • Industrial Power Tools
  • Air Power Tools
  • Pneumatic Power Tools
  • Electric Power Tools

Web Site Results

& Drive Units Corner Drills & Slow-speed Drives Concrete & Masonry Diamond Core Drills Air Concrete Saws Concrete Chain Saws Surface Preparation Tools: Needle Scalers, Scabblers... Saws Air Movers, Axial Fans & Ventilators Drills & Drive Units Hydraulic Power Units Wood Boring Drills Safety Tools Non-sparking Hand Tools Diamond Grinding Discs Tech Support... concrete core drills, core bits, air concrete saws, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic band saws, air chain saws, air hack saws, pipe saws, reciprocating saws, saw blades, concrete...

Company Profile:

Contact: 203-853-9522
Address: 22 Harbor Avenue,
Norwalk, Connecticut   06850-4210 , USA
Url: http://www.csunitec.com
Fax: 203-853-9921
Year Established: 1990
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