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(304) 277-4057

170 N 17th St, Wheeling, West Virginia   26003-7073 , USA

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General Info:

roadblade tire shredders are used as perimeter security and force protection for military checkpoint or roadblock security, and gate security for military bases and government facilities.

Products & Services:

  • Pmg
  • Road Blade
  • Road Blades
  • Road Barricades
  • Barricade Pop Up
  • Road Blockers
  • Pop Up Tire Shredders
  • Traffic Barricades
  • Traffic Barreirs
  • Tire Spikes
  • Pop Up Spikes
  • Tyre Shredders
  • Roadblade Tire Shredding System
  • Portable Gate Security
  • Permanent Gate Security
  • Tire Shredders
  • Tire Slicers
  • Traffic Control Zone
  • Checkpoint Security
  • Terrorism
  • Terrorist
  • Perimeter Security
  • Blades
  • Speed Bumps
  • Barricades
  • Safety Products
  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Roadblade
  • Perimeter Security System
  • Flush Mount Tire Shredder
  • Surface Mount Tire Shredder
  • Arm Barriers
  • Access Security Products
  • Radio Controlled Access
  • Keypad Entry
  • Prox Card
  • Proximity Card System
  • Pop Up Bollards
  • Hydraulic Bollards
  • Removable Bollards
  • Portable Bollards
  • Wedge Barriers
  • Pop Up Wedge Barrier
  • K12 Barrier
  • K8 Barrier
  • Cable Crash Beams
  • Crash Beam Barrier
  • Crash Beam
  • Shallow Mount Barricades
  • Barricade
  • Sliding Gate
  • Sliding Beam
  • Flush Traffic Spikes
  • Surface Traffic Spikes
  • Military Checkpoints
  • Checkpoints
  • Vehicle Barricades
  • One Way Tire Treadles
  • Treadles
  • Tire Treadles

Web Site Results

, and vehicle detector. Rating: K8, L1 Hydraulic, pneumatic or semi-automatic Model DSC2000 Barricade This high security barricade was designed for high speed activation and ease... use. Barricades can be deployed in multiple configurations to guard wide or narrow roadways. The ten-inch shallow foundation also reduces installation complexity, time, materials... and corresponding costs. Barricade rises in less than one-half second. Each module weighs only 1100 pounds (500 kg) and is easy to install. Perfect for remote locations and developing...
Gallery Other Products News Contact Us Home Some facilities that are a high security threat require hard-stopping barricades in order to control vehicles entering and exiting their gates... Surface Mount Barricade US Marshals Service Certified Superior corrosion protection Long service life Surface-mount design Easy installation Built-in pumping unit Stopping Power...
. Watch new videos demonstrating the Permanent and Portable units durability. The X-PAND-ER The X-PAND-ER is a one-of-a-kind portable barricade system. When collapsed, the X-PAND...
manufacturer of vehicle access control and safety products including tire shredding systems, portable speed bumps and portable barricades. PMG has firmly established itself with the US...
range of wedge barricades, pop-up barriers, bollards, sliding cavilever gates and cable crash beams. Our line of access control systems including: arm barriers, radio-controlled... with perimeter security, vehicle access control and traffic safety products including tire shredding systems, portable speed bumps, wedge barriers, bollards, vehicle barricades...

Company Profile:

Contact: 304-277-4057
Address: 170 N 17th St,
Wheeling, West Virginia   26003-7073 , USA
Url: http://www.roadblade.com
Fax: 304-277-4085
Year Established: 1996
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