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(800) 654-7623

8314 Parc Pl,, Chalmette, Louisiana   70043-1646 , USA

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General Info:

nowak dental supplies offers quality dental laboratory equipment such as denture teeth, waterpik products, porcelain oven equipment and more. contact us today for more information about the new whipmix verus cad cam system!

Products & Services:

  • Dental Supplies
  • Dental Lab Supplies
  • Dental Lab Equipment
  • Waterpik
  • Dental Equipment
  • Denture Teeth
  • Porcelain Oven
  • Dental Laboratory Equipment
  • Whipmix Verus Cad Cam
  • Kulzer

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Dental Equipment Denture Accessories Dies and Model Fabrication Disposables Endo Evacuation Flexible Partial Material Gold Denture Teeth Gypsums Handpieces Impression Material...Dental Supplies - Waterpik, Denture Teeth, Porcelain Oven, Whipmix Verus CAD CAM SPECIALS Home About Us Policies Suppliers Contact Us Quick Search >> Nowak Dental Supplies, Inc... Infection Control Instruments Investments Laboratory Adhesive and Blockout Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Instruments Laboratory Supplies Light Cured Composite MaterialMatrix Materials...
for Dental Laboratory Equipment or Dental Office Supplies? We offer great prices on a variety of different items such as Waterpik products, denture teeth and accessories, porcelain oven... products, various chemicals, X-ray supplies, Val-Clean and much more! For more information on Dental Lab Equipment contact Nowak Dental Supplies Inc. New 1/2 Sizes available on Space...Dental Supplies - Waterpik, Denture Teeth, Porcelain Oven, Products SPECIALS Home About Us Policies Suppliers Contact Us Quick Search >> Products by Group Are you looking...

Company Profile:

Contact: 800-654-7623
Address: 8314 Parc Pl,
Chalmette, Louisiana   70043-1646 , USA
Url: http://www.nowakdental.com
Fax: 504-279-0903
Year Established: 1944
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