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(503) 256-3417

9535 Ne Colfax St,, Portland, Oregon   97220-1345 , USA

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General Info:

locate power line sparks and corona that cause rfi and tvi. use rf and ultrasonic receivers to quickly identify sparks and corona that cause radio interference and tv interference.

Products & Services:

  • Rfi
  • Tvi
  • Spark
  • Interference
  • Corona
  • Radio Interference
  • Power Line Interference
  • Emi
  • Ultrasonic Locator
  • Rfi Locator
  • Arc Reflection Radar
  • Power Cable Faults

Web Site Results

245 EMI locator
: 503.256.3417 Fax: 503.256.1981 E-Mail: sales@radarengineers.com Partial Discharge and EMI Locators MODEL 246 EMI Sniffer for detecting partial discharges and arcing shaft bearings...
and ultrasonic receivers quickly pinpoint sparking hardware on powerlines. Pole Locators Sparking Hardware Locators Partial Discharge and EMI Detectors: Portable instruments for detecting... partial discharges in buried primary cable joints (elbows and splices) and for detecting EMI in motors and generators. Cable Fault Locators: Arc reflection radar for locating faults...

Company Profile:

Contact: 503-256-3417
Address: 9535 Ne Colfax St,
Portland, Oregon   97220-1345 , USA
Url: http://www.radarengineers.com/
Fax: 503-256-1981
Year Established: 1986
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