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(330) 678-8170

1507 Franklin Ave,, Kent, Ohio   44240-3370 , USA

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FLUSH NUT TRUSS TRIANGULAR TRUSS TA8, TS8, and TA14, TS14 (8" or 14" Aluminum or Steel Tri with 1" Dia. Tube) TA12 (12" Aluminum Tri with 1.5" Dia. Tube) Contents TA8, TS8, and TA14, TS14 (1" Dia Tube) 90 Corners 135 Corners 3-Way Tees 4-Way Tees Corner Tees Crosses Load Carrying Capacity Chart Co...
FLUSH NUT TRUSS Flat Truss FA/FS8, FA/FS12.26, & FA/FS14 (1" Dia. Main Tube) FA10.59, FA12 (1.5" Dia. Main Tube) Corners & Tees Contents HOME Flush Nut's Flat Truss can be integrated into your design with ease by using our unique adapter bracket sets pictured below. Flat truss can enhance yo...
FLUSH NUT TRUSS Accessories Adapter Brackets Base Plates Wall Plates Connectors, Flush Nuts & Screws HOME Adapter Brackets Style 7 (Available for 1 or 1.5" Dia Tube) Contents Top Connections using Adapter Brackets Flat to Apex in Tri Flat to Apex up Tri Flat to Apex up 8" Tri Flat to Box Content...
FLUSH NUT TRUSS Flush Nut Truss is approaching its 13th year of producing both aluminum and steel truss for the trade show display/exhibit industry. We also manufacture truss for retail, museum, and theater-oriented applications. Our reputation for producing quality truss at fair prices keeps us gro...
FLUSH NUT TRUSS Box Truss BA8, BS8, and BA12.26, BS12.26 Aluminum or Steel Box with 1" Dia Tube BA12 Aluminum Box with 1.5" Dia. Tube BA8, BS8, and BA12.26, BS12.26 (1" Dia. Tube) Corners, Tees, & Crosses Load Carrying Capacity Chart Contents HOME Flush Nut's Box Truss provides options of size, ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 330-678-8170
Address: 1507 Franklin Ave,
Kent, Ohio   44240-3370 , USA
Url: http://www.flushnuttruss.com
Fax: 330-678-8238
Year Established: 1991
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