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, Meridian, Idaho   83642 , USA

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General Info:

computrol is a world-class provider of mid to low volume, high-mix electronics manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers

Products & Services:

  • Electronic Contract Manufacturing
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Pcb Assembly
  • Low Volume Electronic Contract Manufacturing
  • Low Volume Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Low Volume Pcb Assembly
  • Ems Provider
  • Cable Assembly
  • Box Build
  • Wire Harness
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Wire Harness Assembly
  • Contract Manufacturing Services
  • Turnkey Electronic Contract Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Turnkey Contract Manufacturing
  • Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing

Web Site Results

Computrol Home/Team/Contact Low- & Medium-Volume Contract Manufacturing Computrol has the expertise, equipment and specialized skills for efficient low- and medium-volume... electronics contract manufacturing. Computrol provides customers with through-hole, surface mount technology (SMT) and mixed printed circuit assembly using state-of-the-art automated... production processes and flexible production flows. Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities Surface mount (SMT), through-hole and mixed technologies Single- and double-sided PCB assembly...
Computrol Home/Team/Contact Medical Contract Manufacturing Computrol understands the specialized needs of medical device manufacturers from quality and on-time delivery... to traceability and record retention. Computrol provides a range of world-class solutions for the diverse medical contract manufacturing marketplace, including surface mount technology (SMT.... Computrol's top-rated team has the experience, equipment and processes required to make any medical device project a success. The company's medical contract manufacturing expertise allows...
sizes. The focus on lower volume electronics contract manufacturing has fostered the development of highly differentiated services that are specifically tailored to meet... the unique needs of low-volume contract manufacturing customers. This allows us to be extremely flexible and provide assembly services with shorter cycle times. Computrol is committed.... Computrol knows how to use technologies that meet individual company goals. Advanced electronics contract manufacturing capabilities using leading-edge packaging like micro ball...
that help them respond to these challenges in an effective, timely manner. Computrol's reputation for excellence in electronics contract manufacturing is built on such partnerships... quality, on-time delivery and shorter manufacturing cycle times. Our Benefits Complete turnkey electronics assembly services from design to delivery Complete supply chain.... Customers turn to us because we make it our business to understand their business. The results of this superior understanding can be seen in flexible manufacturing systems...
Computrol Home/Team/Contact Since 1984 Founded in 1984, Computrol has a long history of providing electronics contract manufacturing services and support to blue-chip customers... in versatile, high-speed manufacturing equipment and technology, as well as continuing training programs for employees. Computrol focuses on providing electronics manufacturing services... turnaround and high quality on small to medium lot size assembly. Electronics Manufacturing Services Surface mount (SMT), through-hole and mixed PCA Single- and double-sided PCB assembly...
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