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, Norristown, Pennsylvania   19403 , USA

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General Info:

instruments and thermal products inc. is a full service manufacturer's representative and distributor of temperature controls, solid state relays and contactors, industrial heaters, sensors, and complete control systems. s&b controls, schunterman and benninghoven controls, digitemp, digitemp mc, cal controls, drews electronic, valley forge instrument, accutherm, omega, dalton, hi-heat, akisun, amptek

Products & Services:

  • Instruments And Thermal Products Inc. Is A Full Service Manufacturer's Representative And Distributor Of Temperature Controls
  • Solid State Relays And Contactors
  • Industrial Heaters
  • Sensors
  • And Complete Control Systems
  • S&b Controls
  • Schunterman And Benninghoven Controls
  • Digitemp
  • Digitemp Mc
  • Cal Controls
  • Drews Electronic
  • Valley Forge Instrument
  • Accutherm
  • Omega
  • Dalton
  • Hi-heat
  • Akisun
  • Amptek
  • Experts In Plastics Process Control
  • Heating Elements Electric
  • Heaters
  • Electric
  • Heaters
  • Electric Heating Devices
  • Electric Heating Elements
  • Heating Elements
  • Heaters Moisture Resistant
  • Heaters Custom
  • Heaters Rubber Molding
  • Heaters Radiant Panel
  • Heaters Flexible
  • Heaters Industrial
  • Heaters Silicon Rubber
  • Heaters Composite Curing
  • Heaters Electric
  • Heaters Strip
  • Heaters Aircraft
  • Heaters Aerospace
  • Heaters Tank
  • Heaters Process
  • Heating Apparatus
  • Heaters Spot

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in cool-tip or hot-tip styles in various sizes. Hi-Heat Industries Inc.Fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber heaters in standard and custom configurations. Omega Heater Co., Inc...Heaters Call (USA) 610-630-0909 Fax (USA) 610-630-6484 Email info@itp4temp.com Heater Product Lines AccuTherm Inc.Industrial and commercial electric heaters in configurations... heating elements for temperatures up to 1400 degrees F. Insulated heating tapes and resistance wire heating elements. Akinsun Heat Company Inc.Quartz tube heaters in various sizes. MI...
and industrial heaters Custom solutions You need ITP Inc. ITP Inc. wants to earn the right to do business with you. We have the engineering experience and undying tenacity it takes to solve... relays and contactors, industrial heaters, sensors, and complete control systems. ITP has over 30 years experience supporting applications in this environment, and our principals offer...
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