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, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania   15044 , USA

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General Info:

saw sales & machinery maintains its status as the #1 carbide service facility in the pittsburgh tri-state area, utilizing automatic grinding equipment

Products & Services:

  • Saws
  • Saw Blade
  • Knife Grinding
  • Carbide Saws
  • Bandsaw

Web Site Results

alloy. Knife grinding Up to 84". Jointer, planer, granulator, shear, and zamboni knives. Bandsaw blades Custom welded to your specifications, with quick turnaround. Material... of the art grinding technology. If your requirement is not listed, please ask... click for larger view Carbide saw grinding Up to 60" diameter, sharpening, gumming, cleaning, polishing..., retipping, rebuilding shoulders. Steel saw grinding High speed steel cold saw blades, sharpening and retoothing. Router Bit and shaper cutter grinding Carbide tipped and tantung...
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