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, Ashland, Ohio   44805 , USA

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General Info:

bor-it mfg. is a manufacturer that offers quality horizontal auger boring machines, auger, cutting heads and auger accessories for the horizontal auger boring industry.

Products & Services:

  • Auger
  • Auger Boring Machine
  • Auger Boring
  • Horizontal Auger Boring
  • Horizontal Earth Boring
  • Horizontal Boring
  • Horizontal Boring Equipment
  • Horizontal Drilling Equipment
  • Horizontal Earth Boring Machine
  • Earth Boring
  • Earth Boring Machine
  • Underground Boring
  • Pipe Jacking
  • Trenchless Technology
  • Earth Boring Equipment
  • Boring Job
  • Cased Boring Auger

Web Site Results

Horizontal Auger Boring Machines Underground Boring Boring Drills Letter from the Owner Links Since 1987, Bor-It Mfg. has been making top of the line horizontal auger boring... looking for horizontal auger boring machines or boring drills then youve come to the right place. At Bor-It Mfg. were able to create top of the line boring machines, auger, boring... boring business weve made drilling, boring heads and auger machines our passion. Weve developed some of the best bores around; our horizontal auger boring machines are top...
BOR-IT machines Letter from the Owner Links Why choose Bor-it Auger Boring Machines: Specialize in Horizontal Auger Boring - not the entire Underground Industry - which gives us... to fulfill your orders. Over 20 years manufacturing Bor-It machines and accessories - most of which are still out working in the field. Over 40 years of boring experience and always available to help. Bor-It Manufacturing can help you get your job done right. ...
Auger Boring Equipment Horizontal Auger Boring Machines Auger Drilling Letter from the Owner Links Bor-It often has used equipment in stock. We will list them below, but the turn...
BOR-IT model 42 Model 42 Thruster Buster Maximum Diversity at an Affordable Price The Model 42 Thruster Buster horizontal earth boring machine with 97 hp Deutz diesel is packaged... to provide extra power for the extra-rugged boring applications 12" to 42" in diameter. If you want to take the tough jobs along with the easy ones, this special boring unit...
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