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Fort Lauderdale, Florida   33309 , USA

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General Info:

cornerstone software products provide asset management solutions for industrial process instrument configuration and calibration with specific hart instrument support. helps meet iso 9000 quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Products & Services:

  • Cornerstone
  • Asset Management
  • Hart
  • Calibration Management
  • Ams
  • Calibration
  • Process Calibration
  • Configuration
  • Cmms
  • Base Station
  • Field Station
  • Configurator
  • Cal Station
  • Field Calibration
  • Instrument Management
  • Hart Multiplexer
  • Process Calibrator
  • Astec

Web Site Results

in User's Manual System Manager (M) Supervisor (S) Operator (O) Restricted (R) Base Station Windows (Overview) Main Database Docking HART Comm Conventional Instrument Directory... Manager vs. Instrument Status Monitor Functionality Network Addressing Schemes Instrument Tag Uniqueness Instrument Status Monitor Setup Communication Library Network Node (s... Setup Instrument Group Names (M) Setup Calibration Schemes (S) Setup Service Reasons (S) Setup Instrument Categories (M) Setup Vendors and Models (O) Setup Tag Note Templates (M) Setup...
Applied System Technologies, Inc. (ASTEC) - Cornerstone Software Cornerstone software is a family of Microsoft Windows based process instrument maintenance management tools. These... and regulations administered by OSHA, FDA, and others. "The Open Platform for Instrument Management" supports, in a single database, a wide variety of instruments, calibration equipment... instruments. Cornerstone Cal Station provides comprehensive calibration management for both conventional and smart instruments. Cornerstone products significantly reduce the drudgery...
Setup Group Names Define Service Reasons Setup Calibration Schemes Setup/Add Instrument Categories Setup User Defined Units Adding Vendors and Models Setup Tag Note File Type and Tag... Note Templates Database Fundamentals Adding Instruments Configuration Database Tag Notes Setup and Wrap-up Advisories Instrument Dates History Database Getting Started Adding Users... and Setup Workstation Adding Vendors and Models Adding Groups, Service Reasons, and Cal Schemes Adding User Defined Units Adding User Defined Instrument Categories Adding...
that can manage up to eight separate field instrument networks (on up to 8 COM ports). For a complete list of the currently available Communication interface libraries, please... Instrument Directory window constitutes a new paradigm for your access to Cornerstone instrument data and maintenance management functions. In previous versions of Base Station... of these products. There are new libraries, updated libraries to support newer instrument revisions, and some new features in existing libraries. Previous 3.0.xx or earlier versions...
, Honeywell, Rosemount, Yokogawa and many other manufacturers. Use one Cornerstone Configurator program to manage ALL of your HART instruments, regardless of the manufacturer. Many new... in the Communication Manager window was increased to accommodate higher resolution display settings. In the HART Comm window, two additional lines in the instrument summary group.... Support for Many Smart Instruments - Optional Model Support libraries provide comprehensive HART configuration and calibration support for a wide variety of instruments from ABB...
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