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, Great Neck, New York   11021-5102 , USA

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hi-tech blowers, inc. manufacturer and supplier to oems of blower wheels, blowers,fans, fan blades, centrifugal, crossflow, cross-flow, tangential, impellers, strip, tablock

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  • Blower Wheels Blowers Wheels Fans Centrifugal Crossflowtangential Tablock Impellers Strip Fan Blades Cross-flow

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Hi-Tech Blowers, Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturersof crossflow, tangential, forward curved centrifugal blower wheels and fan blades. Strip and Tablock blower wheels are available in galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminized steel and stainless steel.Crossflow wheels and fan blades are ma...
Centrifugal blower wheels with forward curved blades.Choice between strip or tablock types. Available in single or double inlet configurations. Available in a choice of 4 materials: galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminized steel, or stainless steel. Static or dynamically balanced, depending on the app...
Rotation is determined by viewing from the R side. Dimensions shown are standard. Special sizes can be furnished. Widths W1 and W2 according to customer's request. Dimension C: per request. Material: Galvanized steel. PARTNo. Dinches / mm dinches CinchesSingle InletA widthDouble InletW widthNo. o...
Applications: General ventilation, air conditioning units, cooling condensers.Hub bore and rotation: As specified by the customer.Material: Aluminum 5052 (Al, Mg).PARTNo. Dinches Hinches No. ofBlades MT 360-4-115 14.24.54MT 400-4-86 15.93.44MT 400-4-117 15.94.64MT 450-5-127 17.95.05MT 500-6-123 19.9...
Crossflow Blower Wheels
525 Northern Blvd., Great Neck, NY 11021Tel 516.829.6633Fax 516.829.0144e-mail: sales@ht-blowers.comCrossflow Wheels | Centrifugal Wheels | Strip Wheels | Tablock Wheels Blower Housings | External Rotor Motor Wheels | Fan BladesMore Photos & Info | Home Page...
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