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, Lindenhurst, New York   11757 , USA

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General Info:

coast line international has been serving the needs of the industrial, aerospace, composite, marine & tooling industries since 1960. we can accommodate many different needs for a variety of customers, from aerospace sealants; including fuel tank sealants, access door sealants, cabin pressurization sealants, and repair sealants, to technical fabrics and core materials. in addition to our sealants and fabrics we carry airtech vacuum bagging materials, films, release films, peel plies, breather/bleeder cloth, flow mediums, pressure sensitive tapes, release liquids, and replacement vacuum parts. our products are manufactured by only the highest quality manufactures including 3m, ac tech, airtech, bettcher industries, hexcel, intertape, magnaflux, nida core, norton, paragon films, permacel, & wichitech.

Products & Services:

  • Surface Prep Wipes
  • Clean Room Products
  • Penetrants
  • Material Racks
  • Packaging Materials
  • Hot Bonders
  • Aerospace Wipes
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  • Abrasives
  • Cutting Tools
  • Adhesives
  • Core Material
  • Technical Fabrics
  • Aerospace Sealants
  • Vacuum Bagging Materials
  • Bagging Films
  • Release Films
  • Release Fabrics
  • Peel Plies
  • Breather / Bleeder Cloth
  • Polysulfide Sealants
  • Cabin Pressurization/fuselage Sealants
  • Aerospace Repair Sealants
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Aluminum Honeycomb
  • Aramid Fiber Honeycomb
  • Engineered Adhesives
  • Superabrasives
  • Abrasive Discs
  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Abrasive Belts
  • Sanding Belts
  • Masking Tapes
  • Foam Tapes
  • Foil Tapes
  • High Temperature Tapes
  • Clean Room Mats
  • Clean Room Wipes
  • Clean Room Garments
  • Polypropylene Honeycombs
  • Balsas
  • Aluminum Honeycombs
  • Aramid Fiber Honeycombs
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Magnaflux
  • Sol-gel
  • Foil Tape
  • Fuel Tank Sealants

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Packaging Materials Adhesives Velcro Cutting Tools Material Racks Abrasives Penetrants Pressure Sensitive Tapes Clean Room Products Vacuum Pumps Surface Prep Wipes Home | Products...Composite Supplies for the Aerospace, Industrial, Marine & Tooling... Please use the links below to browse around our product offerings. If there are products you cannot find... Products Tooling Aerosol Products / Spray Paint Aerospace Sealants Aerospace Wipes Technical Fabrics, Fiber, & Reinforcement Hot Bonders Air Tools Core Material Primers Pre-Preg...
Clean Room Products back to top Entrance Mats Wipes Garments Surface Prep Wipes back to top Pre-Moistened Isopropyl Alcohol - (IPA, MEK, custom designed to your needs) Tack Cloth... Cheese Cloth Low Lint Clean Room Classification Mitts << Back Home | Products | Salesmen | Request Form | Contact Us | Manufacturer Links Coast-Line International 1-800-645-3523 Tel...Spray Paints, Aerospace Wipes, Hot Bonders, Primers, Packaging... Aerosol Products / Spray Paint back to top Paint Rust Prevention Varnishes Primer Lubricants Electrical...
aerospace sealants; fuel 
                            tank sealants, and repair sealants, to technical fabrics 
                            and core materials
, adhesives, aerospace sealants, breather / bleeder cloth, clean room products, connection valves, core material, cutting tools, disconnects, epoxy resins, flow mediums, fuel tank... supplies a broad range of products for our manufacturing, repair and overhaul customers in areas like aerospace, armor, automotive, defense, glass, industrial, marine, printed circuit... board and R & D. Most products ship the day the order is placed. We have personnel available at all our locations to give technical assistance and recommendations on abrasives...
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