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Marina, California   93933 , USA

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General Info:

the leader in thin film heating technology, thermo-stone usa custom designs heating solutions by utilizing thin film technology bonded to a substrate such as ceramic or glass. leading industry by providing innovative solutions to demanding heating applications as appliance heating, semiconductor, medical, food and flat panel heating.

Products & Services:

  • Quartz Heater
  • Quartz Tube Heater
  • Silicon Dioxide Ceramic Heaters
  • Vapor Generator
  • Vaporization Heating
  • Vaporization Heater
  • Aerosol Heater
  • Substrate Heating
  • Substrate Heater
  • Chip Heater
  • Heater Design
  • Thick Film Heater Design
  • Thickfilm Heater Design
  • Thin Film Heater Design
  • Thinfilm Heater Design
  • Quick Response Heaters
  • Fast Response Heaters
  • Laserprinter Fusers
  • Thermal Printhead Fuser
  • Copy Machine Fuser
  • In-line Tube Heater
  • On Demand Heater
  • Spontaneous Heater
  • Beo Heater
  • Beryllium Oxide Heater
  • Aln Heater
  • Aluminum Nitride Heater
  • Steatite Heater
  • Cordierite Heater
  • Alumina Heater
  • Pes Heater
  • Porcelain Enamel Steel Heater
  • Thin Film On Steel Heater
  • Thick Film On Steel Heater
  • 400ss Heater
  • Di Water Heater
  • Slurry Heater
  • Process Heater
  • Heaters
  • Transparent
  • Flat Panel
  • Thin Film
  • Electric Heaters
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Heating Elements
  • Thin Film Heaters
  • Porous Heaters
  • Medical Heaters
  • Semiconductor Heaters
  • Chuck Heaters
  • Flat Panel Heaters
  • Laser Printer Heaters
  • Copy Machine Heaters
  • Food Processing Equipment Heaters
  • Industrial Heaters
  • Conductive Coating
  • Thin Film Deposition
  • Solar Cell Component
  • Transparent Heaters
  • Large Area Heater
  • Appliance Heater
  • Cooktop
  • Glass Top
  • Thin Film Technology
  • Film
  • Heater
  • Heating
  • Heat
  • Film Deposition
  • Thin Film
  • Warming
  • Electric
  • Tin Oxide
  • Silicon Dioxideceramic Heaters
  • Tube Heater
  • Window Heaters
  • Vapor Heating
  • Thick Film Heaters
  • Thickfilm Heaters
  • Thickfilm
  • Thick Film
  • Heatron
  • Watlow
  • Minco
  • Thinfilm Heaters
  • Thinfilm
  • Rapid Heating
  • Watt Density
  • High Watt Density Heaters
  • Custom Heaters
  • Poyimide Heaters
  • Foil Heaters
  • Kapton Heaters

Web Site Results

applications for Thermo-Stone's thin film heating technology are limitless. In-line Tube Heaters Wafer Chuck Heaters IR Transparent Heated Windows Scientific Heaters Process Gas... Heaters Optically Transparent Lens Heaters Laser Printer Fusers Heated Shelves Wall Heaters IR Ovens Water Heaters Drawer Warmers / Heaters Food Prep Tables , Cook Tops U.S. PATENTS... substrate. Our advanced film deposition system integrates the heater with the surface of the substrate resulting in a very uniform radiant heater. Radiant heating is achieved...
Custom designed heater
tubing can be inserted inside the glass tube heater for further protection. An optically transparent substrate can also serve a double function as view port and heat source. Thermo...Thermo-Stone USA Products Products Thin Film Heaters Tube Heaters Porous Heaters Thin Film Heaters Custom engineered solutions for difficult applications Thermo-Stone's thin film... heating element features a conductive thin film applied to the surface of an insulative substrate. Our advanced film deposition system integrates the heater with the surface...
integrating the heater with the substrate. This proprietary process provides instant heatup and minimal energy. Transparent for heated observation windows or for IR communication... Ceramic (Alumina) Ceramic substrate are extremely versatile due to the ability to formulate heaters that have good mechanical strength with extremely low inertia mass. Extremely... powerful heaters from very small sizes (0.05 sq.in. to approximately 70 sq. in.) can be fabricated with the ability to reach temperatures in excess of 400C in a matter of seconds...
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