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Austin, Texas   78734 , USA

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General Info:

designs, develops and manufactures low-cost, high-efficiency ac induction motors, variable speed and frequency controls and ac motor controllers using proprietary mixed signal integrated circuits and software algorithms.

Products & Services:

  • Speed Control For Single-phase Motors
  • Variable Frequency Drives For 3-phase Ac Induction Motors
  • Variable Speed Control For Ac Induction Motors
  • Ac Induction Motor
  • Ac Induction Motors
  • Speed Control
  • Speed Controls
  • Pump
  • Blower
  • Ventilation
  • Microcontroller
  • Heating And Air Conditioning
  • Motor Control
  • Dc Motor Control
  • Blower Motor
  • Motor Speed Control
  • Dc Motor Speed Control
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Digital Control
  • Ac Motor Control
  • Direct Digital Control
  • Electric Motor Control
  • Single Phase Motor
  • Digital Command Control
  • Digital Control System
  • Ac Electric Motor
  • Ac Motor Speed Control
  • Single Phase Electric Motor
  • Ac Motor Controller
  • Ac Induction Motor
  • Ac And Dc Variable Speed Motor Controller
  • Variable Speed Electric Motor
  • Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Ac Motor Speed Controller
  • Electric Ac Motor
  • Ac Variable Speed Motor
  • Ac Single Phase Motor
  • Compressors
  • Custom Controller
  • Digital Control Of Electric Motors
  • Variable Speed Ac Induction Motor
  • Digitally Controlled Systems
  • Motor System Platform
  • Ac Variable Frequency Control
  • Integrated Power Platforms
  • Fan & Blower Control

Web Site Results

Offering Anacon Systems provides fully programmable solutions for the digital control of AC Single-Phase and Three phase electric motors. The company offers several families of motor... development of the single phase AC motor control. The first product was launched into production in 1999 and today thousands of Anacon based single phase motor controllers... control of electric motors. 3. Flexible platforms that allow customers to customize their drive for their unique, application-specific system. Value Proposition Anacon's products...
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