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Birmingham, Alabama   35209 , USA

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General Info:

optimisation-based solutions for production planning and scheduling in the manufacturing industry. solutions help manage inventory, solve cutting stock problem, balance switchovers for an optimised supply chain.

Products & Services:

  • Production Cycle Optimisation
  • Advanced Planning And Scheduling Software
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Block Schedules
  • Make To Order
  • Cutting Stock
  • Trim Optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Sap
  • Mes
  • Make To Stock
  • Reel
  • Rolls
  • Sheets
  • Paper
  • Film
  • Sheet Metal
  • Converting
  • Product Wheel
  • Lean Manufacturing

Web Site Results

Greycon Reel Stock Optimizer
Greycon Paper-Film Calculator is a free utility that contains both: A useful utility that makes standard industry calculations such as number of reels, sheets, reel diameters..., reel lengths, caliper, basis weight, price based on the characteristics you know about the reel, paper or sheets. A reel stock optimisation calculation that allows you to determine... optimal reel widths to meet multiple demand: More details about the optimisation capabilities are given in the manual. Click here to download the manual (PDF, 581 KB) or here...
PCA-001-Reel Stock Optimisation PRODUCTSX-Trim FundamentalsFilm & ConvertingMetalsopt-Studio GreyconMill Technology Web Reports Reviews S-Plan COMPANYAbout us Board... TextilesMetalsPrintingSERVICESCLIENTSPARTNERSCUSTOMER REVIEWS You are here: Home > English Finnish French Spanish German Chinese Russian Portuguese Set Language PCA-001-Reel Stock Optimisation Login Password [I'm a new user] Search...
Stock Reel Conversion Option
between physical entities (like reels) and logical ones (orders). For complex situations, such as extruders with middle knives, X-Trim can also be used as the trim optimisation engine... schedule. Stock Conversion Option This X-Trim option provides a dedicated stock editor (capable of handling jumbo reel stock, parent reel stock and sheet stock). Multiple routes... are available and can be mixed Primary conversion for jumbo reel stock Parent reel via exact-match, rewinding, sheet cutting Sheet stock via exact-match, guillotining The user may...
Production Planning Overview
systems, process control or data historians to capture and store quality information. Quality information is then displayed on a reel map indicating areas outside allowed limits... architecture. Reference sites already demonstrate a growing collection of interfaces, including: Paper machine for automatic reel registration Metso Paper machine Plastic extruders... for automatic reel registration Gloucester Davis standard Brampton Kiefel Winders for automatic reel registrations through OPC servers Weight scales through OPC servers New interfaces...
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