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, Albuquerque, New Mexico   87123 , USA

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General Info:

plastic rubber moulding, casting, electric electronic assembly, solar energy, sheet metal, nanotechnology, optical. stamping, fabrication, forging, extrusion, cable, led, pcb,

Products & Services:

  • Plastic Rubber Mould
  • Casting
  • Electric Electronic Assembly
  • Pcb
  • Led
  • Solar
  • Cable
  • Fiber Optic
  • Machining
  • Sheet Metal
  • Alternative Energy
  • Extrusion
  • Stamping

Web Site Results

.- Moulding - Casting - Machining - Extrusion - Stamping - Sheet Metal Manufacturing - Assembly - Electric - Electronics - and Solar Products - Industrial Products - New Mexico ...
economical alternatives to stamping, punching, laser or water jet cutting, or wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) for thin gauge precision parts. The tooling is inexpensive..., such as stamping and punching dies, phototools are exposed only to light and therefore do not suffer wear. Due to the cost of hard tooling for stamping and fine blanking...
economical to get the work done by some chemicals, pressurized water jet or even light rather than using traditional techniques such as machining and stamping. In the menu to your left, you...
into the workpiece on the end of a vertical ram. Coinage die makingFor the creation of dies for producing jewelry and badges by the coinage (stamping) process, the positive master...
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