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, Havre De Grace, Maryland   21078-0995 , USA

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General Info:

cameron carbon offers a very comprehensive range of carbon adsorbers, filters and systems for both vapor and liquid phase application.

Products & Services:

  • Carbon
  • Adsorbers
  • Filters
  • Systems
  • Vapor
  • Liquid Phase Application

Web Site Results

Spent Carbon Reactivation... Spent Activated Carbon Reactivation, Recycling & Disposal Services Cameron Carbon offers spent activated carbon reactivation (recycling) services... at a fully permitted reactivation facility. Spent carbon is recycled in specially designed high temperature furnaces that can restore the carbon's pore structure to new or near new... quality. The organics that are vaporized from the spent carbon are fully destroyed downstream of the furnace by an air pollution control system. Certification of VOC destruction can...
Documents Library Document Library The following documents are available for downloading Material Safety Data Sheets Regular Vapor & Aqueous Phase Carbons 4069 AG Series HG(K...) Series HG(S) Series PH Series NH Series OMZ Z-100 ZK-6 Forms Spent Carbon Profile Form Credit Application & Agreement Publications & Information Mesh Size Conversion Chart Activated... Carbon Manufacture, Structure & Properties Glossary of Terms Relating to Activated Carbon Adsorption Capacity Index Cameron Carbon Inc. P.O. Box 995 Havre de Grace MD 21078 sales...
Cameron Carbon, Inc. WORLDWIDE SOURCE FOR ACTIVATED CARBON AND ADSORPTION SYSTEMS The Cameron name has been synonymous with activated carbon for over fifty years. Today, Cameron... Carbon is focused on being a creative leader in the field of molecular filtration and adsorption technology. Both the domestic and international marketplaces are acutely aware... of environmental concerns for clean air and pure water. Activated carbon adsorption is a proven technology that offers a viable solution to most pollution, contamination or purification...
Adsorbers/Filters Adsorbers/Filters - Liquid & Vapor Phase Cameron Carbon offers a very comprehensive range of adsorbers, filters and systems for both vapor and liquid phase.... APPLICATION INFORMATION, ASSISTANCE & SIZING Cameron Carbon can predict the effectiveness and capacity of activated carbon for a given application. Quantitative organic analyses... are input to proprietary computer based isotherm models in order to estimate carbon exhaustion rates. This provides useful information for project planning, costing and treatment...
Liquid Phase Activated Carbons Liquid Phase Adsorbers Cameron Carbon offers an extensive range of liquid phase adsorption equipment. Vessels are available in both low and high... where so desired. Model LC6042HP-SS Trailer-mounted 50 GPM System Cameron Carbon Inc. P.O. Box 995 Havre de Grace MD 21078 sales@cameroncarbon.com Tel: +1 (410) 942-0240 Fax: +1 (410...) 942-0242 Toll Free: (800) 394-6844 Home :: Activated Carbons :: Liquid Phase Carbons :: Vapor Phase Carbons Adsorbers/Filters :: HVAC Refillable & Disposable Panels & Housings...
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