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since its establishment as a non-profit charity in 1981, fase has produced a broad and unique range of public interest communications and research.

Products & Services:

  • Fase
  • Foundation For Advancements In Science And Education
  • Environment
  • Peabody
  • Detoxification
  • Pesticide
  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Public Policy
  • Television
  • Education
  • Jaime Escalante
  • Kay Toliver
  • Classroom
  • Television
  • New Media
  • Environmental
  • Hazardous Trade
  • Low-level
  • Low-level Exposures
  • Good Morning Miss Toliver
  • The Eddie Files
  • Futures With Jaime Escalante
  • Interactions: Real Math-real Careers
  • Math...who Needs It?!
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Educational Technology
  • National Math Trail

Web Site Results

, and the son of two elementary-school teachers, Jaime Escalante came to America in 1963 at age 33. Although he was already an accomplished and popular science and mathematics... and administrative apathy. His success in overcoming these odds and in enabling unteachable students to master advanced mathematics made him a national and international hero. The 1988 movie...
and mathematics. Here I stand Kimo, not just to mourn your irreversible departure but to celebrate your life as well. I stand here today To celebrate a rare gift that also ran through our... philosopher, the tender tough-love mathematical equalizer, the Kimosabe, "kimo-lo-save-todo" "Kimo-knows-all" self-effacing master, the teacher of calculus, the math of unavoidable...
educational television programs, including three Peabody Awards. These popular classroom resources have helped millions of students discover the real-world value of mathematics... specials from FASE Productions. "I tell them that the future is in chemistry, biology and engineering--and that the language is mathematics." Jaime Escalante, a Bolivian emigrant who... two staff development series, The Kay Toliver Files and Teacher Talk. "Each of the programs in this collection is independently superb," said School Science and Mathematics...
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