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Website Snapshot of Orangevale Diesel Service


, Orangevale, California   95662 , USA

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General Info:

source for diesel power products, banks, ats, computer chips, exhaust systems, gauges, bd power products, turbochargers, performance products upgrades, deler alternative, injector upgrades, complete service work.

Products & Services:

  • Diesel
  • Truck
  • Engine Brake
  • Exhaust Brake
  • Jake Type Brake
  • Pac Brake
  • Bd Engine Brake
  • Auto Lock
  • Torque Lock
  • Pressure Lock
  • Tow
  • Brake
  • Brake Away

Web Site Results

of back pressure, therefore, better hold back & quicker response at lower RPM's. 2 year warranty AUTO LOCK~ used with engine brakes, keeps torque convertor locked up, eliminating... slippage PRESSURE LOCK~ increases line pressure, pressing clutches tight eliminating slippage TORQUE LOCK~ 3 position switch keeping torque convertor locked as "should" be normally...
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