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, Thomasville, North Carolina   27360 , USA

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General Info:

templex inc. is a custom plastics fabrication company with expertise in plastics thermoforming, vacuumforming, cnc trimming and products assembly.

Products & Services:

  • Plastics Vacuumformers
  • Plastics Vacuumforming
  • Plastics Vacuum Former
  • Plastics Vacuum Form Parts
  • Plastics Vacuum Formed Parts
  • Plastics Vacuum Forming
  • Plastics Thermoformers
  • Plastics Thermoform Parts
  • Plastics Thermoformed Parts
  • Plastics Thermoforming
  • Plastics Thermoformers
  • Plastics Vacuumformers
  • Plastics Vacuumforming
  • Custom Plastics Fabrication
  • Custom Plastics Products
  • Cnc Trimming
  • Nc
  • N.c.
  • North Carolina
  • Bending Of Sheet Plastic And Clear Rigid Tube Or Tubing Elbows And Couplings Also Vacuum Hose Products Pneumatic Air Fittingsand Filter Regulators Products For Hosiery Hosiery Knitting Machines And Collection & Transport Systems Plastic Fabrication And Assembly Compressed Air Operated Venturi Venturevacuum For Industrial Sewing Machines To Remove Dust And Lint Cut Thread Chain And Trimmed Fabric Waste.

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Templex inc. plastics manufacturer Home | Apparel | Hosiery | Plastic Design | Vacuum Hose | Air Fittings | Tube Products | Contact Us Plastic thermoforming and fabrication Tube... for all sewing machines Removes Dust & Lint Cut Thread Chain Trimmed Fabric Waste Download 2013 Catalog Hosiery Manufacturing Plastic Parts for Knitting and Seaming, Collection... & Transport Systems Plastic Design & Manufacturing Vacuum Forming, Tube Forming, Bending, Machining & Fabrication Vacuum Hose Clear Flexible Wire Reinforced Hoses and Tubing Compressed...
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