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Nashua, New Hampshire   03060 , USA

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General Info:

new england's energy efficient lighting distributor.

Products & Services:

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Web Site Results

and indestructible Light Tape is ideal for automotive accents as well as interior lighting applications. With 12VDC power supplies available, automotive applications are a snap. Benefits... in 3 Hot Colors and Sizes. Don t Hassle with Neon Get Light Tape . A soft glow on the interior of this car was achieved using 1/4" Light Tape . Smooth, even down lighting that does.... A one inch by five foot long strip of Light Tape created this awesome lighting effect on the grille of this truck. This pickup with a custom canopy has its interior come alive...
residential or industrial, Light Tape is perfect for any safety application from night lighting to egress pathway identification. PLEASE NOTE: This page is being updated. Please check... is perfect for illuminate etched surfaces. This client placed a lamp around the interior, mounting the etched acrylic in the frame. All you need to do is a piece of acrylic etched... for you. Then place a Light Tape panel in the window frame, sky light or wall and backlight your new view!! Las Vegas, Nevada Light Tape manufactured by Electro-LuminX Lighting...
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