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, Ledgewood, New Jersey   07852 , USA

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General Info:

alarm batteries plus, adt alarm battery, adt battery, brinks battery, 804302, tekcell, ca1240 battery, adt panel battery, sbaa02, ls14250, napco, protection one, sentrol, slomins, sonitrol and visonic alarm systems, tekcell lithium batteries for meter and industrial use, casil sealed lead acid battery for alarm panel backup, replacement adt alarm batteries for both iti and ademco panels, brinks replacement batteries for both iti and ademco panels, tekcell alarm batteries for all manufacturers, for those of you that are reading this without proper authorization from kimren. kimren's intent and function is to sell new tekcell and new casil batteries to exsisting adt and brinks customers via our store on ebay. this provides a service for both the brinks and adt customer and their praises speak for themselve. kimren has have never implied nor do we have a relationship with brinks , adt or any other alarm company as no such relationship exsists nor do we sell outdated and or damaged equi

Products & Services:

  • Adt Alarm Battery
  • Tekcell
  • Casil
  • Casil Battery
  • Ca1240
  • 804302
  • 12v4ah Battery
  • Sbaa02
  • Adt Batteries
  • Adt Battery
  • Adt
  • Alarm Battery
  • Brinks Battery
  • Brinks
  • Adt Replacement Battery
  • Brinks Alarm Battery
  • Casil Ca1240
  • Ca1270
  • Sbaa02(p)
  • Ls14250c
  • 487239
  • Iti Lithium Battery
  • Protection One Battery
  • Iti 60-813
  • Tadiran
  • Tadiranbatt
  • Tadiran Lithium
  • Saft
  • Saft Lithium
  • Simplex
  • Able
  • Er3
  • Er6
  • Iti-60-619
  • Ls14250
  • Ls14500
  • Lithium Alarm Battery
  • Ls14250c
  • Ls14250
  • Tl5101
  • Tl-5101
  • Tekcell
  • 3.6 Volt Aa
  • 3.6 Volt 1/2 Aa
  • 3.6 Volt 1/2aa
  • Aeris
  • Aeris Computer
  • Ipass
  • Night Vision Battery
  • 3 Volt Flashlight Battery
  • Wireless Alarm Battery
  • Tl-5101
  • Ls14250c
  • Iti-60-619
  • Tl-5101
  • Sb-aa02
  • Sb-aa11
  • Ls14250
  • Ls14250c
  • 466
  • Cr123a
  • Er14250
  • Er14500
  • Tekcell Lithium Battery
  • Ademco 467
  • Ademco 466
  • Ademco 712bnp
  • Ut1270
  • Ut1240
  • Ge Security
  • Inovonics
  • Sentrol
  • Cb12-4.5
  • Cb12-4.5
  • Casil
  • Kimren Considers Our Choice Of Meta Tags Trade Secrets That Cannot Be Published Without Express Written Consent From Kimren And/or An Alien From A Purple Planet Of Our Choosing
  • Please Note That What You Are Reading Now Is Not Visible To The Public And Kimren's Intent And Function Is To Sell New Tekcell And Casil Batteries To Exsisting Adt And Brinks Customers Via Our Store On Ebay. This Provides A Service For Both The Brinks And Adt Customer And Their Praises Speak For Themselves. We Have Never Implied A Relationship With Either Brinks Or Adt As None Exsists.
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