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Santa Fe Springs, California   90670-5118 , USA

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General Info:

age nameplate produces specialty graphic products over virtually any substrate: from pressure-sensitive labels to glass and metals, polyester and poly-carbonate clear plastic with substrate images, graphics, and conductive inks.

Products & Services:

  • Membrane Switch
  • Membrane Switches
  • Membrane Graphic Overlays
  • Touch Panel Membrane
  • Labels
  • Nameplates
  • Age Nameplate

Web Site Results

Membrane Switch Composition
). The typical membrane switch is comprised of several layers: Presentation Layer (Graphic Overlay)AGE Nameplate combines both digital and screen print processes to produce... to ensure a lasting bond between the graphic overlay and the circuit layer of the membrane switch. Circuit LayerThe printed circuit layer is created by applying high-quality... brilliant graphic overlays utilizing simple or complex designs provided by the OEM. Custom embossed domes are used to highlight buttons to functions. Adhesive LayerBefore bonding...
Age Nameplate - Membrane Switches, Graphic Overlays, Touch Screens,... July5, 2013 Home | FTP | RFQ | Login Membrane Switches,Touch Screen& LCD Integration, Overlays, Dome Labels... Graphics and Imaging Association (www.sgia.org) Products Membrane Switches Graphic Overlays UL Approved Labels Touch Screens Wide format wraps Silicone Rubber Keypads Die-Cutting... processes AGE Nameplate creates specialty graphics productsusing virtually any substrate material from pressure-sensitive labels tometal, polyester and poly-carbonate.AGE Nameplate...
Other OEM Applications July5, 2013 Home | FTP | RFQ | Login Other OEM Applications Membrane switches, graphic overlays, product labels, instruction labels, serial plates, rubber...
Industrial Controls July5, 2013 Home | FTP | RFQ | Login Industrial Controls There is an increasing base of industrial control applications that require membrane switches, graphic... overlays, touch panels, labels,nameplates, and keypads. AGE Nameplateexpertly delivers these products into the following devices: Airline Transportation Controls Commercial...
business where turn-around times have to be fast and graphic quality must be brilliantly displayed. Pool and spa controls never looked better than with our membrane switches and graphic...Pool and Spas July5, 2013 Home | FTP | RFQ | Login Pool and Spas Few specialty graphic suppliersunderstandthe pool and spa business like AGE Nameplate. Yours is a fast-paced... overlays. High quality warning labels and instruction labels ensure your customers will remain safe for years; while our custom 3D domes add a touch of class to your spa pillows...
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