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, Bethesda, Maryland   20814 , USA

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General Info:

urc, with its non-profit affiliate, center for human services, is a professional services firm specializing in communications & outreach, education & training, health & population, quality management, and research & evaluation. the www.urc-chs.com website describes the company's services, projects, and career opportunities.

Products & Services:

  • Urc
  • Chs
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Training
  • Health
  • Population
  • Quality Assurance
  • High School Equivalency
  • Management Strengthening
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Center For Human Services
  • E-learning
  • Healthcare
  • Family Planning
  • Tuberculosis
  • Computer-based Training
  • Behavior Change Communication
  • Substance Abuse
  • Migrant Workers

Web Site Results

A health worker conducts a post-natal consultation on the 'Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle' mobile clinic in the Philippines. The bus visits underserved and isolated areas to promote family health messages. Photo by Igor Dashevskiy.
to Obstetric Fistula Prevention, Care, and Treatment: URC Combats a Tragic, but Preventable Medical Problem7/16/13 World Population Day 2013: URC Recommits to Global Family Planning7/10...
Dr. Edward Broughton, Director of Research and Evaluation, explains cost-effectiveness during his discussion on    What Is the Most Efficient HIV Program?    Photo by Sarah Whitmarsh, URC
-based HIV Intervention Program for Hard-to-Reach Populations: Lessons Learned from Research, by Dr. Nanmathi Manian, Senior Research Scientist Achieving Functional Integration...
of Defense Dependent Schools Training Connectivity and Advancement in Technology Department of the Navy: Drug Demand Reduction Program Development of a Population and Family Health... (TASC3 Global Health) Technical Assistance for the National School Resource Network Technical Information on Population for the Private Sector The Maram Project: Healthier Palestinian...
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