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, San Leandro, California   94577 , USA

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Edwards Heat Treating today.
Si Edward's original shop, 1925. Edwards Heat Treating today. EDWARDS HEAT TREATING SERVICE In 1954, Si Edwards sold the heat treating business that he started in 1925 to two of his partners. It had long been Si's dream to start another heat treating business from scratch, with all brand new electri...
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Edwards Heat Treating Service San Leandro, California The pioneer in precision metal heat treating in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. A wide variety of heat treating and other metal processing services, such as our CryoTune deep cryogenic process, are offered to machine shops, t...
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Home Contact Us CryoTune The computer controlled temperature cycle from room temperature to -300 F and back occurs at roughly one degree per minute so as to minimize new stresses in the parts. Rapid temperature change, particularly when cooling, is often the cause of harmful residual stresses. By...
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How much do you know about deep cryogenic processing and its applications? Do you know there is now a cryogenic processing vendor in Northern California, one with sound metallurgical know-how? Deep Cryogenic Processing Does Two Important Things #1. It can greatly increase the durability of steels ...
Make hardened steels up to 600% more durable!
Member since 1963 Home Contact Us CryoTune Presented here is a listing of the many processes we offer here at Edwards Heat Treating Service, along with some general metal treating information. Using the navigation buttons on the left, you can go directly to a specific topic of interest. Edwards Heat...
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