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Bridgewater, New Jersey   08807-1802 , USA

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General Info:

manufacturer of ultra-compact electroplating pens & accessories for use in brush plating, scientific & engineering development, electronic repairs, specialized production, dental work, art-work & restoration. manufacturer of miniature air-abrasive blast system which combines pneumatic feed system with handheld nozzle for use in such applications as cutting, drilling & shaping silicon wafers, glass, precious & semi-precious stones, ceramics, carbides & quartz & also for use in etching & marking & and surface finishing & micro-deburring & de-flashing. manufacturer of handheld tungsten carbide applicator for coating of tools, machine parts & gripping surfaces

Products & Services:

  • Plating: Gold
  • Plating: Selective
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning & Stripping Alternatives
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning Equipment
  • Abrasive Blast Equipment
  • Abrasive Blast Materials
  • Abrasive Cleaning Equipment
  • Abrasives: Gem Polishing
  • Abrasives: Optical
  • Abrasives: Pressure Blast
  • Abrasives: Tumbling
  • Absorbents
  • Absorbents: Disposable
  • Absorbents: Liquid Medical Waste
  • Absorbents: Universal
  • Blast Cleaning Equipment
  • Cabinets: Blast Cleaning
  • Cabinets: Sandblast
  • Coatings: Abrasion Resistant
  • Coatings: Anti-slip
  • Coatings: Cutting Tool
  • Coatings: Friction Reducing
  • Coatings: Grip
  • Coatings: Protective
  • Maintenance
  • Coatings: Tool
  • Coatings: Tool Grip
  • Air Dry
  • Coatings: Tungsten Carbide
  • Coatings: Wear Resistant
  • Coatings: Wear Resistant
  • Tooling
  • Metallizing Equipment
  • Micro-abrasive Blasting Equipment
  • Nickel: Black
  • Palladium
  • Pens: Gold
  • Plating Equipment & Supplies
  • Plating Equipment: Printed Circuit Board (pcb)
  • Plating: Black Nickel
  • Plating: Brush
  • Plating: Copper
  • Plating: Copper
  • ...

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