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Cleburne, Texas   76031 , USA

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General Info:

d.s.a., inc. is a construction management firm specializing in institutional work

Products & Services:

  • Dsa Construction Management
  • Dsa
  • Construction
  • Contractors
  • Contracting
  • Buildings
  • Build
  • Project
  • Development

Web Site Results

Avoidance of delays, changes and updates Enhancing project design and construction quality Optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement Comprehensive management of every stage... of construction, and therefore ideal for high-visibility, Publicly-Funded projects. Unlike General Contracting, Desigh / Build, or Construction Management At-Risk, CM- Agent... and to whom monies go. Why choose construction management for your building program? EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL SPECIALIZING IN THE BUILDING FIELD TEAM PLANNING DIRECT CONTRACTING AND...
& Administration Multiple contracting (or Owner s access to trade contractors) is the basic concept used to identify the Construction Management-Agent project delivery system. CM...-Agent is the most transparent of any delivery method, and it's Multiple-Direct-Contracting approach is a chief source of cost savings. Onsite Monitoring A qualified and experienced Job...
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