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(707) 462-2351

564 S Dora St Ste A, Ukiah, California   954825465 , USA

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General Info:

docxs biomedical products and accessories we specialize in the highest quality custom 100% silicone vascular occluders, reusable ag-agcl electrodes, and sensors in many sizes and shapes. we also offer a full line of accessories to aid in your research. call us for your custom work and special needs as well.

Products & Services:

  • Vascular Occluders
  • Vascular Occluders
  • Electrodes
  • Electrode Accessories
  • Ag-agcl Electrodes
  • Ag-agcl Sensors
  • Ag-agcl Reference Electrodes
  • Ag-agcl Biopotential Electrodes
  • Ag-agcl Sensors
  • Biopotential Electrodes
  • Skin Electrodes
  • Reference Electrodes
  • Ecg Electrodes
  • Ekg Electrodes
  • Emg Electrodes
  • Eog Electrodes
  • Eeg Electrodes
  • Tens Electrodes
  • Ecg Sensors
  • Ekg Sensors
  • Emg Sensors
  • Eog Sensors
  • Eeg Sensors
  • Tens Sensors
  • Stimulation Electrodes
  • Tissue Stimulation
  • Sleep Studies
  • Electrode Arrays
  • Grounding Electrodes
  • Grounding Straps
  • Ear Clips
  • Sensors
  • Gels
  • Conductive Gels
  • Electrode Gels
  • Electroconductive Gels
  • Skin Preparation Pads
  • Skin Wipes
  • Alcohol Skin Wipes
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Electrode Skin Prep Pads
  • Spectra 360 Electrode Gel
  • Signa Gel
  • Prep N Stay
  • Tensive
  • Lectron 2
  • Adhesive Washers
  • Adhesive Electrode Washers
  • Electrode Adhesive Tape
  • 3m Tapes
  • 3m Double Stick Tape
  • Electrode Straps
  • Micropore Tape
  • Coban Tape
  • Coban Wrap
  • Duropore Tape
  • Patient Cables
  • Patient Leads
  • Patient Lead Wires
  • Snap Leads
  • Snap Connectors
  • Pinch Leads
  • Pinch Connectors
  • Compact Pinch Connectors
  • Clip Leads
  • Ear Clip Leads
  • Ear Clips
  • Bare Electrodes
  • Electrode Probes
  • Electrode Lead Wires
  • Ag-agcl Pellets
  • Ag-agcl Disks
  • Ag-agcl Wires
  • Ag-agcl Probes
  • Corrosion Detection Sensors
  • Vascular Occluders
  • Animal Research
  • Lab Animal Research
  • Animal Research Labs
  • Veterinary Research
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Veterinary Surgery
  • Biotech Research
  • Biotech Studies
  • Biotech Equipment
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Biomedical Studies
  • Biomedical Research
  • Biomedical Centers
  • Circulatory Research
  • Cardiovascular Research
  • Coronary Research
  • Physiological Research
  • Blood Flow Research
  • Blood Flow Studies

Web Site Results

in the medical industry to meet the needs of the biomedical community; a wide selection of electroconductive gels and adhesives, tapes, lead wires, patient cables and more. info@docxs.net | Copyright 2013 DOCXS ...
exposed for contact with the subject. The electrode may be applied to the skin with or without an electroconductive gel; however we do recommend the use of our adhesive gels, adhesive... washers, or tape wraps to insure maximum signal strength and quality. Tac Gel, (XS-521), Adhesive Electrode Washers (DW-412) Micropore Tapes and Coban Wraps (XS-540 thru XS-543... Profile Light Duty Safety Socket Tac Gel, Tapes B232-L 8mm N/A 3mm Profile Light Duty Safety Socket Tac Gel, Tapes B232-H 8mm N/A 3mm Profile Heavy Duty Safety Socket Tac Gel...
an electroconductive gel. However, we do recommend the use of our adhesive gels, adhesive washers, or tape wraps to insure maximum signal strength and quality. Our B-200 series Thin line...

Company Profile:

Contact: 707-462-2351
Address: 564 S Dora St Ste A
Ukiah, California   954825465 , USA
Url: http://www.docxs.net
Fax: 707-462-2751
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
Ownership: Woman owned
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