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(785) 843-7471

1512 University Dr Lawrence, Kansas   660443148 , USA

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General Info:

Capable of design/manufacture of tools used for the installation and removal of bearings in aircraft and other assemblies. We can optimize methods to save time, materials, and resources by utilizing our products.

Products & Services:

  • Bearing Staking Tool
  • Bushing Inserter
  • Bearing Cutter Tools
  • Bearing Installation
  • Removal Tools
  • Roller Staking Tools
  • Ball Staking Tools
  • Segment Staking Tool
  • Anvil Tools

Web Site Results

Description Search Select the Tool Description you wish to find. Select One BEARING-CUTTING ; TOOL DRILLPRESS-STAKING ; TOOL GAUGE HANDHELD ; STAKING-TOOL HYDRAULIC-DIE;STAKING REMOVAL... LF Drill Press w/flat rollers Drill Press w/several LF Drill Press w/spl rollers Portable Cutter Portable one of a kind Portable Swaging Tool (O-ring) Portable Swaging Tool (SS... below to see the product list sorted as indicated. View Parts Sorted by Rexnord Model Number View List Sorted by Bearing Part Number View Tool List Sorted by Tool Part Number...
of Cutters Hole saw Grinding tool Shafer cutter Housing Inspection Visual indications including corrosion, cracking, and scratches Manual instructions Criteria from manual Common... Program Export Compliance Replacement Parts Tool Rental Videos Authorized Stocking Distributor Rexnord Shafer Tri-Roller Cutting, Hydraulic Tools, and PSI Spanner Tools Master... Distributor ProofMaster Bearing Proof Load Test Equipment FAA Certified On-Site Training AEROS offers FAA Certified* on-site training for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge...

Company Profile:

Contact: 785-843-7471
Address: 1512 University Dr
Lawrence, Kansas   660443148 , USA
Url: http://www.aerosinc.com
Fax: 785-843-6888
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
Ownership: Woman owned
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