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579 Broadway, Hastings On Hudson, New York   107061710 , USA

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Program Description Completed Work MARTIAL ARTS: The Real Story Beyond The Myths and Facades Martial Arts: The Real Story takes a look at a wide variety of techniques... most fighting systems are all about. Many martial arts are deeply ingrained in the folk and religious traditions of cultures around the world, and many emphasize that the same... techniques that can kill an opponent, can also be used to heal -- and that fighting prowess goes hand in hand with self-control and compassion. Martial Arts: The Real Story underscores...
in Judo, a decorated veteran of two tours with the Dutch Marines in Korea, Jon Bluming began his martial arts training in Holland in 1953. In 1959, he continued his martial art... students mirror his philosophy, and certainly, his warrior code of honor. During the course of the production of MARTIAL ARTS: THE REAL STORY, Bluming discussed the essence of his... philosophy. Martial Arts isnt the mystical practice that many believe. Its a hard way of life. It means be yourself, try to improve yourself, be honorable to everybody. But once...
footage shot during the production of CAPE FEAR. Martial Arts Pacific Street Films has an extensive library of materials related to the theory and practice of self-defense and hand...-to-hand fighting techniques, including interviews with some of the worlds top rated martial artists. Pacific Street Films, All Rights Reserved SITE MAP ...
*Credit Card Orders are securely processed through PayPal Martial Arts: The Real Story DVD NTSC, 90 minutes Price: US $29.95 (includes sales tax & shipping within US) Program...
Martin Scorsese
fraught with passion, filled with adventure, poetry and art. Program Description Tough Guy Jon Bluming Jon Bluming A documentary adventure focusing on the legendary Beast of Amsterdam... employment as a bouncer in Amsterdams red light district, Blumings warrior philosophy has influenced several generations of martial artists. Program Description | Video Preview Pacific Street Films, All Rights Reserved SITE MAP ...

Company Profile:

Contact: 914-478-1900
Address: 579 Broadway
Hastings On Hudson, New York   107061710 , USA
Url: http://www.pacificstreetfilms.com
Fax: 91444781928
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Service
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