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(440) 368-3563

7383 Lauren J Dr Mentor, Ohio   440605724 , USA

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General Info:

spartan environmental technologies supplies ozone generators and other advanced oxidation processes

Products & Services:

  • Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Generators
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Ozone Water
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes
  • Ozone Water Treatment
  • Odor Control
  • Industrial Wastewater

Web Site Results

Ozone and Ozone Generator - Spartan Environmental Technologies Information About Ozone, Ozone Water Treatment, Ozone Generators and Ozone SafetySpartan Environmental Technologies... provides ozone generators, ozone water treatment systems and advanced oxidation processes for industrial and municipal customers. To help our clients, Spartan has gathered some... and a listing of various applications for ozone such as drinking water and wastewater treatment. In addition to the links below, visit the Applications Page. It provides more detailed...
Ozone Mass Transfer Model
, temperature, pressure, gas/liquid ratio, concentration of ozone in the feed gas(related to ozone generator output), water chemistry, etc. The following relationships between key... variables and TE exist:1. TE decreases as applied ozone dose increases.2. TE increases as water quality decreases (ozone demand increases)3. TE increases as the water chemistry favors...)CL: Concentration of Ozone in LiquidCG: Concentration of Ozone in Gas Spartan Environmental TechnologiesAir and Water Treatment Phone: 800-492-1252Fax: 440-368-3569E-mail: info...
Ozone Water Treatment - Advanced Oxidation - Spartan Environmental Google+ Home - About Spartan - Products and Services - Applications - Library - Contact Spartan - Site Map... - Site Search - BlogOzone Generators - Advanced Oxidation Processes - Odor Control - Algae Control - Electrolytic Systems - Ozone Water Treatment - Drinking Water Treatment - Industrial... in integrating ozone generators and other advanced oxidation systems to solve water treatment problems. Our experience in ozone water treatment systems and process engineering can...
Does not require the on On-Site Production of Ozone for Water TreatmentOzone is an unstable compound and must be produced on-site using an ozone generator. Ozone can be produced.... As a result the associated labor and maintenance costs are very low. On stream factors are 99.5% for high quality ozone generators.On-site production of water treatment chemicals... - Advanced Oxidation Processes - Odor Control - Algae Control - Electrolytic Systems - Ozone Water Treatment - Drinking Water Treatment - Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Aquaculture - Cooling Water Treatment - Food and Beverage ...
Ozone Color Removal
Color Removal Color Removal with Ozone Water TreatmentDownload Ozone Color Removal PDFColor is an important concern for drinking water treatment plant operators since... of color and wont create chlorinated organic compounds. Ozone for water treatment applications is produced as a gas on site using an ozone generator and then mixed with the water The...-Co color scale.Rakness (4) provides successful examples of ozone treatment of highly colored water. In one case, 7-10 mg/l of ozone with 10 minute hydraulic detention time (HDT...

Company Profile:

Contact: 440-368-3563
Address: 7383 Lauren J Dr
Mentor, Ohio   440605724 , USA
Url: http://www.spartanwatertreatment.com
Fax: 440-368-3569
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Wholesale & Distributor,Manufacturer
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