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(972) 417-2665

2520 Tarpley Rd Ste 300, Carrollton, Texas   750062501 , USA

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General Info:


Products & Services:

  • Port Air Conditioner
  • Spot Cooler
  • Construction Heater
  • Electric Heater
  • Spot Cooling
  • Emergency Chiller
  • Temp Air Conditioner
  • Fan
  • Rent Portable Ac
  • Rent Spot Cooler
  • Buy Spot Cooler
  • Buy Portable Ac
  • Koldwave
  • Airrex
  • Extra Cooler
  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Event Cooling
  • Tent Cooling
  • Dehumidifier

Web Site Results

provides chillers and cooling towers to meet your needs. We can provide temporary cooling throughout the United States for any need or event. We have access to a large stock of rental... events such as trade shows or meetings can be cooled and/or heated with units from 1st Cooling. Some events may require several hundred tons of cooling along with heating. portable... ranges from 65 dB to 85 dB. Low cost operation compared to similar units. Draws the least amount of amperage on a per-ton basis. Trailer Mounted Coolers and Chillers 1st Cooling...
and heating, Aircraft Hangar Cooling, Special Event Cooling, Temporary and Emergency Office Cooling and Dehumidifying. We now rent residential coolers and dehumidifiers!!! ( Dallas/Ft... Angeles this year. 1st Cooling responded quickly with spot coolers to help ESPN stay cool while broadcasting the Monday Night Football games! Click here to see pics! We Provide... Server Rack Cooling, Maintenance cooling, Tent Air Conditioning, Hospital Cooling Applications, Computer Room Cooling, Dehumidification Applications, Construction site cooling...
warehouse). 3. Type of power available (115V, 208/220, 480 single or three-phase). 4. Estimated budget if an outdoor event or tent/warehouse. 5. How soon and how long you need cooling... Conditioners, also known as Spot Coolers, are rated in British Thermal Units (BTU). The greater the BTU of a unit, the more cooling power it has. Generally, for every 250-450 square feet... of space, approximately 12,000 (1 Ton) - 14,000 BTU of cooling is required. This guideline can differ due to several factors that contribute to the heat load. For example: Sun...
or for a special event? Call 1st Cooling and let one of our specialists help you secure the right generator for your job. The fleet of generators ranges from 50kW to 1,250 kW. 1st... Cooling provides temporary electrical power throughout the United States. We primarily focus on Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, and Pennsylvania however we will deliver portable... below are some applications for generator rentals. Large office buildings can be powered while repairs are being made to existing electrical service. Tents used for special events...

Company Profile:

Contact: 972-417-2665
Address: 2520 Tarpley Rd Ste 300
Carrollton, Texas   750062501 , USA
Url: http://www.1stcooling.com
Fax: 972-692-6693
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Wholesale & Distributor
Ownership: Veteran owned
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