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(800) 647-4838

131 N. First St. Ste 1-7 Pulaski, Tennessee   38478 , USA

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General Info:

Medatrax? Inc. a TN C?corp since 1997. Medatrax?Mx) is now serving programs in 32 states, Puerto Rico, D. of C., and pathways to Europe and Aisa. Mx is a custom nursing informatics provider offering a complete suite of software automation for nursing educational programs. Mx features mobile device and web-based technology; is highly configurable; ideally suited to collect metrics, and provide evaluation results for nursing student and educators.

Products & Services:

  • Case Logs
  • Case Record Tracking
  • Clinical Record Tracking
  • Education Software
  • Graduate Nursing
  • Undergraduate Nursing
  • Nurse Anesthesia
  • Advance Practice Nursing
  • Medical Specialty Education Softrware
  • Preceptor Management
  • Nursing Programs Software

Web Site Results

education provider s informatics needs. Case Record Tracking Evaluation Tracking Online Evaluations Care Plans Transcripts Real Time Reporting and More... Tracking Solutions About Medatrax...Medatrax - Medical Data Tracking System Medatrax's mission is to serve the medical education profession with informatics solutions to advance their teaching methodology...
opportunities. Case Record Tracking Daily record of cases participants Track student absences Track student time Automated summation of categories Flexible reporting Customizable... Instant administrative access Administrative comments Printable Reports with sorting by Student - Class - Type - Name - Location Exception Reports Expirations ACLS PALS BLS Nursing licensure Transcripts AANA transcripts Student demographics Student case records Painless ... guides students through case entry, evaluations, care plans and more while giving administrators the information needed to perfectly position their students with the best education...

Company Profile:

Contact: 800-647-4838
Address: 131 N. First St. Ste 1-7
Pulaski, Tennessee   38478 , USA
Url: http://www.medatrax.com/info
Year Established: 1998
Ownership: Veteran owned
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