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(734) 761-8148

1339 N Bay Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan   481038304 , USA

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Premixed Media Powder Pre-Mixed Media Powder LB NGM SD-Dropout YPD 2xYT LB Broth Mix, Miller: Cat. No. 3001 Formula: per liter: NaCl 10g, Tryptone 10g, Yeast Extract 5g. Usage: dissolve 25g of mix in 1 liter of water, adjust PH if desire, autoclave to sterilize. Pack Size 500g 1 kg 5 kg 10 kg Pric...
Pre-Made Media Bacterial Plates Worm Plates Yeast Plates Fly Food All agar plates are packed in plastic bags. For 60mm plates: 20 plates/sleeve and 5 sleeves/case; For 100mm plates: 10 plates/sleeve and 10 sleeves/case; For 150mm plates: 10 plates/sleeve and 10 sleeves/case. Please refrigerate plate...
Agarose and Agarose, Low Melting Agarose Agarose, For General Gel Electrophoresis: standard gelling/melting temperatrue, high gel strength, suitable for routine nucleic acid analysis and blotting. Cat. No. 2001 Specification: For 1.5% solution: Gel Strength: >2,000 g/cm2 (Nikan) Gelling Temperatur...
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