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242 Stewart St, Reno, Nevada   895012236 , USA

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Reno Office 242 Stewart St. Reno, NV 89501 Phone: (775) 787-2000 Fax: (775) 747-3799 e-mail: info@ipdstraining.com Las Vegas Office 5775 S. Fort Apache Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89148 Phone: (702) 938-8036 Fax: (702) 938-8037 e-mail: info@ipdstraining.com Latest News 1996-2006 Celebrating 1...
language training
IPDS Services Practical Spanish & English Skills for the Workplace Supervisory Skills Training from a Cultural Perspective Workshops on Working with Hispanics Translation and Interpreting Services Diversity / Strategic HR Training Executive Coaching If you have any questions please Contact us La...
multi-ethnic lunch
Practical Spanish & English Skills for the Workplace Create the Experience Develop your Unique Language Skills Program! Spanish Skills for Managers and Supervisors English Communication Skills for the Workplace We at IPDS believe that a language program in the workplace must be: PEOPLE-ORIENT...
IPDS Links Adult Education and Literacy in Nevada This is the main Web site for literacy programs in Nevada. Access this website to see specific programs in Nevada, or to use the links to explore Nevada and National Institute for Literacy resources related to the area of literacy that interests you....
Karla Sullivan
Introducing the IPDS Team Marcel Fernando Schaerer is the President of International Professional Development Services (IPDS, L.L.C.). He is recognized as a leading authority on workplace language training and Latino/Hispanic cultural issues impacting communication in the workplace. He comes with im...
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