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(505) 289-0259

Old Hwy. 44, Cuba, New Mexico   , USA

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Earthgreen is committed to continually conducting quality university and field research programs in an effort to discover the optimal application of products marketed by Earthgreen Products Inc. and to market only those products which are supported by sound research. Research locations include: C.I....
Menefee Humate Granular all natural carbon, trace mineral, and humic acid based soil conditioner that acts as a organic chelator, microbial stimulator, and source of vital micronutrients. It has a unique fresh water carbon matrix incorporating a high concentration of organic acids, specifically humi...
For more information on domestic and international pricing, quantities, terms and conditions, please contact us or your local distributor. Earthgreen Products, Inc. Info@earthgreen.com P:(214)-750-4698 / Int. P: 001 (214) 750-4698 F:(214)-750-1158 California: North Valley Simplot Grower Solutions At...
Earthgreen Products Inc. is committed to doing its part to provide a naturally balanced and productive growing environment. Whether you are involved in agriculture, sports fields, ornamentals, or lawn and garden, contact us for the best Menefee Mineral product to satisfy your plant nutrition needs. ...
Earthgreen Products Inc. is a wholesale supplier of premium natural plant nutrition products for agriculture, turfgrass, landscape, ornamental, and environmental applications. We specialize in natural humate, seaweed extract, humic and fulvic acid based products. Our products are all over 65% organi...

Company Profile:

Contact: 505-289-0259
Address: Old Hwy. 44
Cuba, New Mexico   , USA
Url: http://www.earthgreen.com
Fax: 505-289-0263
Year Established: 1992
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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