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(262) 675-6220

5452 Cascade Dr., West Bend, Wisconsin   , USA

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How to Sharpen Dull Knives Professionally Hold knife with blade at a 15 degree angle, drawing the blade from heel to tip and at the same time from top of abrasive stone to the handle. Repeat procedure, this time sharpening the other side of the blade on the under side of the abrasive stone, using th...
abrasive grinding wheels and sharpening stones Sierra Grinding Wheel, Inc. N208 W16761 Center St. Jackson WI 53037 Manufacturer of TRU-GRIT Products Sierra Grinding Wheel has been manufacturing high quality vitrified grinding wheels and abrasive stones since 1938. We have an impressive variety of sh...
Special Wheels Special grinding and sharpening wheels can be manufactured according to your specifications on dimension and hardness. Materials: Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, special abrasives Grit sizes: 24 to 150, or your specifications Applications: Sharpening, grinding, and polishing Prepaid ...
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Featured Product Professional Quality Carving Knife Sharpener ~~ For use by chefs,, butchers, kitchen workers, fishermen, hunters. ~~ This tapered 15" abrasive sharpener is made of white Aluminum Oxide and mounted on a wooden handle, designed especially for sharpening knives. The advantage of this m...

Company Profile:

Contact: 262-675-6220
Address: 5452 Cascade Dr.
West Bend, Wisconsin   , USA
Url: http://www.hnet.net/~ibl
Year Established: 1987
Annual Sales: Below US$1 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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