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(916) 371-1600

1902 Channel Dr., West Sacramento, California   , USA

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GUESS WHAT? YOUR SHOWING AT A TRADE SHOW NEXT WEEK! So you pick up the phone and it is explained to you how there is a Trade Show next week and YOU are in charge. Oh yeah, there has been no preparation done so far. Ready .... GO! You could spend time piecing together graphic materials. a poster on a...
displays trade show
OUR TRADE SHOW EXHIBIT TEAM IS OUR GREATEST ASSET Our long-term repeat clients know us for our outstanding value. Whether you rent, lease or purchase, the value inherent in each Expon Exhibit derives from a blend of six important ingredients: communication, strategic planning, craftsmanship, creativ...
Live Trade Show Help Desk ITEMS MARKED WITH * ARE REQUIRED FIELDS EXPON EXHIBITS MAIN NUMBERS TOLL FREE - 1-800-783-9766 LOCAL - 916-924-1600 FAX - 916-924-1622 EXPON EXHIBITS ADDRESS 909 Fee Drive Sacramento, CA 95815 View Larger Map home - trade show exhibits - exhibit rentals - portable displays ...
Tradeshow Planning Services
TRADE SHOW DETAILS AND KEEPING EVERYTHING IN LINE We have attended thousands of Trade Shows and are well versed in all the practical elements of having an exhibit staged properly, the requirements for moving exhibits into the venue, setting up and hundreds of other rules regulations and other hurdle...
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Company Profile:

Contact: 916-371-1600
Address: 1902 Channel Dr.
West Sacramento, California   , USA
Url: http://www.exponexhibits.com
Fax: 916-371-1665
Year Established: 1988
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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