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(513) 398-1447

4300 U.s. Rte. 42, Mason, Ohio   450409998 , USA

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Table of Contents Custom Fountains Inc. 2000 2 Pump System Oper Depth Std. Cable Light Fixtures Single Jet HT. Dia. HP Volts Amps A1 Aerator Nozzle 10ft. -- 1/3 120V 8A 20in. 50ft. (2) 200W A2 Aerator Nozzle 13ft. -- 1/2 120V 9.5A 20in. 50ft. (2) 200W A3 Aerator Nozzle 17ft. -- 3/4 120V 12A 20in. 50...
Daniel Boone Fountain
Table of Contents Custom Fountains Inc. 2000 As with any fountain, if you can't hold water you don't have a fountain. Therefore we start each of our fountains with a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass has the ability to expand and contract, while concrete does not. Our fiberglass pool are free standing and...
Table of Contents Custom Fountains Inc. 2000 "E" Series The E Series floating fountain uses dual spray rings to produce its water pattern. Each spray ring has a series of adjustable swivel based jets. Shown here are the four different sizes of nozzles that are available. By adjusting the individual ...
Pond Jet
Table of Contents Custom Fountains Inc. 2000 "Oase Pond Jet" The "Pond Jet" is unique, because of its small size and light weight ( 19.8 Lbs. ) low power consumption ( only 260 watts ) and only requires 17 inches of water. The fountain arrives "ready to install" and will provide your pond or lake wi...
Animated Fountain
Table of Contents Custom Fountains Inc. 2000 We produce a full line of fountain controls ranging from simple level controls and wind speed units, through sophisticated animation systems that can choreograph hundreds of lighting and water channels to music. Call 1-800-563-5628 Custom Fountains Inc. -...

Company Profile:

Contact: 513-398-1447
Address: 4300 U.s. Rte. 42
Mason, Ohio   450409998 , USA
Url: http://www.customfountains.com
Fax: 513-398-5141
Year Established: 1983
Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Business Type: Manufacturer
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